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Vegetable Singapore Noodles close up

Vegetable Singapore Noodles

Sticky soy chard

Sticky Soy Chard

lentils and chard, close up

Lentils and Chard

Yellow Split Pea Dahl - big bowl

Yellow Split Pea Dahl


finished Gateau à la Crème

Gateau à la Crème

Citrus Carpaccio with Champagne Sabayon

Blackcurrant and Pistachio Fool - on spoon

Blackcurrant and Pistachio Fool

Christmas Trifle

Recipes For Summer

Elderflower and Yoghurt Ice Cream

Alternative Blueberry Muffins - for breakfast

Alternative Blueberry Muffins

Foraging - elderberries


Coffee and Chocolate Shortbread

Recipes For Autumn

Delicate Carrot Soup

Delicate Carrot Soup

Millionaire’s Tart

Purple Carrot Soup

Purple Carrot Soup

cheat risotto mix

Quick Cheat Risotto and Roasted Vegetables