Fennel and Sausage Ragu

I won't lie to you. This is not a dish that's light on calories. But my word it is worth every one of them. My fennel and sausage ragu is exactly what the doctor ordered for mid-February. It's full of good, hearty ingredients and it can't fail to cheer you up from the inside out on a chilly evening. This dish is all about the sausages; the better the sausages you can get your hands on, the better the finished dish. Head to your local farmers' market, Read more

Beef Stew with Horseradish Dumplings

I made this stew on New Year's Day. I can't think of many things as warming and comforting as a big bowl of slow cooked food. My beef stew with horseradish dumplings was made up of almost everything I had leftover in my fridge and cupboards; happily simmered away with some beef shin. A delicious, make-the-most-of-everything, homely stew for four people. Trust me on the ingredients; one or two may sound a little out of place but they really add to Read more

Lime, Thyme and Quince Gin Cocktail

I made my quince gin as a way to use some of those delicious fuzzy fruits that grow in the garden. The gin has come out a wonderful, pale canary yellow colour and makes a divine gin and tonic. It is in fact so delicious that it deserved a mix up of its own, something to complement the quince’s distinctive flavour. I love using herbs in drinks and puddings and I wanted to add a botanical twang to this drink. A Lime, Thyme and Quince Gin Cocktail Read more

Spaghetti with Balsamic Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Olives

Sometimes you end up with all sorts of bits and pieces in your fridge; half a bit of something there, a few nibbly bits leftover here and I find these little pieces a great source of inspiration. The next pasta recipe I have for you is a speedy one which makes use of a few ingredients I can find in my fridge more often than not. Lovingly referred to as ‘pasta with fridge bits’ this particular version was a delicious Spaghetti with Balsamic Tomatoes, Read more

Beef Braised in Beer with Onions and Carrots

As I rent a house I am in the unfortunate position of being lumbered with the oven and hob that I’m given. Don’t get me wrong; having a hob and an oven is certainly one up from having no heating implements at all but they definitely leave a lot to be desired. As such a roast dinner is not something I can easily make; a small oven, an untrustworthy thermometer and a lack of appropriate oven dishes being the main reasons. A casserole or stew however Read more

Review: Frank’s and French’s Cook Books

French's mustard is a pretty iconic brand and one we almost always have in the fridge. I am not that familiar with the Frank's brand of Hot Sauce or BBQ sauce so when they got in touch to ask if I would like to review their little cookery books and try out the products I was looking forward to it arriving. I tried out their recipe for potato wedges to use the hot sauce. Cut up two large potatoes into wedges and put them into a bowl. Add 2 Read more

Feed 4 for £6: Caribbean Spicy Bean Burgers with Pineapple Chilli Sauce

I have been thinking for a while about posting some 'themed' recipes on here. The food I eat at home is rarely expensive so I know that almost everything I cook is reasonably priced. This means I can then buy the organic or free range versions of ingredients without breaking the bank. Most of the reason I eat cheaply is because I mostly cook vegetable based meals. If I do have meat I use cheap cuts, or less of it, but I do very occasionally have Read more

Paprika Topside of Beef with Roasted Garlic Mash and Peas and Onions

I wrote on my blog a little while back that humble doesn't have to be hum drum and it got me thinking. Can I make what might be considered a luxury into a cheap, and hopefully humble, meal. Steak, for me at least, is considered an expensive luxury; it's not something I buy on a regular basis. It is however something I enjoy and it was about time I tried a cheaper cut to see if it could cut the mustard. Enter my knowledgeable butcher. I had Read more

Mushroom Soup with Grilled Wild Mushrooms and Blue Cheese Croutons

There's plenty of inspiration around at the moment for your Brussels sprouts, turkey, leftovers and the like. The thing I find my fridge full of, at this time of year particularly is cheese. Don't get me wrong I will happily eat it all on its own or with copious pickled onions but when you're preparing for a week of non-stop eating it's nice to have something light and fresh to get things going. This recipe also helps to make a small dent in the side Read more

Lemon and Thyme Roast Chicken and the leftovers

A beautifully roasted chicken is hard to beat; with crispy skin and succulent meat there's nothing quite like it. Having a whole roast chicken is a rare thing for me, indeed this is the first chicken I have roasted in a very long time and I wasn't about to waste a scrap of it. The chicken that was to fulfil my roast chicken dreams was a local, free range, corn fed bird. This post is about my perfect Sunday lunch and making the most of the leftovers.   Lemon Read more