Harissa Lamb with Tabbouleh

When it's hot in the day but slightly cooler in the evenings, sometimes a salad doesn't quite cut it; I'm after something with a little warmth and zing for those colder evenings. This Harissa Lamb with Tabbouleh came about for two reasons: firstly I had some harissa paste leftover from a previous chicken version and secondly I had two lamb steaks which were crying out for some Middle Eastern flavours. Also, this recipe is part of an upcoming post Read more

Baked Aubergine, Halloumi and Tomato Mashed Potato

Sundried tomatoes, paste and pesto always hang around for a bit in my kitchen. I never seem to use a whole tub or jar so am left with trying to find different ways to use them up. And why not mix them with mashed potato! This Baked Aubergine, Halloumi and Tomato Mashed Potato is really rather very good; especially when you get a forkful of everything at once. Great for using up a few odds and ends too and you could easily stretch this to feed four Read more

Harissa Chicken with Quinoa, Avocado and Mango Salad

How many times do you think about what to make for dinner and end up with a seemingly impossible list of requirements for that one meal? It needs to be filling, but without being too full of fat, tasty without being too salty or sugary, balanced and preferably something interesting. Welcome to every weekend of my life! Planning meals is something I can’t live without (see post here if you want some top tips) and I usually do it on a leisurely Sunday Read more

Beetroot, Lentil and Bergamot Lemon Salad

I’ll be honest, salads don’t tend to excite me very much. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the freshness a few leaves bring on the side of something else but as a standalone dish, it’s not really for me. However, things have changed and I’ve started to make, what I would call, more 'bulky' salads. This particular combination of beetroot, lentil and bergamot lemon is so colourful and combined with a bit of goat's cheese is equally good Read more

Mushy Peas Potatoes and Ham

I absolutely love peas. For me, a life without peas isn't worth living. I moved house late last year and I don't have a freezer; no more emergency frozen peas for me. Happily it's pea season now so lovely fresh peas are popping up in the veg box, at the farmers' market and in the garden. If there's one thing I like even more than peas it's mushy peas. So for a deliciously easy summer dinner my mushy peas potatoes and ham is perfect.You will need: Lots Read more

Broad Bean and Feta Smash with Cucumber, Lettuce and Dill Salad

It's all about green beans and peas at the moment and a veg box delivery last week left me with beans coming out of my ears! I wanted to put them on toast to make them go as far as possible. I like the slightly odd bitterness from broad beans and it goes so well with salty feta cheese. The cucumber and dill salad on the side adds real sweetness and freshness to the meal. It's super quick to make too so you won't be stuck in the kitchen when you want Read more

Smörgåsbord with Swedish Salad

Scandinavian food interests me; cured salmon, pickles and dark rye are the things that immediately spring to mind. By coincidence I was sent two different crispbreads to try; some from Finn Crisp and some from Plain Tasty so it seemed the perfect opportunity to try and make a Smörgåsbord with a Swedish salad; Swedish style anyway! Something very different for dinner in the ATIE household. You will need:  Pickles Cheese and cream Read more

Chicory, Walnut and Pomegranate Salad with Walnut and Clementine Dressing

At this most wonderful time of year I would estimate that I'm around 10% booze, 20% pastry, 40% cheese, 10% bacon wrapped sausages and 20% mince meat. It's not a good look. The thought of tucking into a cucumber really doesn't appeal to me. Not at all. No. If I am in need of some cleansing and a break from all the indulgence it still has to be in keeping with the season. Hence walnuts, clementines and pomegranates all become great mates through the Read more

New Potato, Green Bean and Iberico Salad

When I go out and there is a charcuterie board on offer I struggle to turn it down. I find cured meat fascinating and it’s one of my absolute favourite indulgences. One of my top five would have to be Iberico ham. I can’t get enough of it although my waist and bank balance would probably encourage me to eat a bit less. I like to make an expensive ingredient go as far as possible so this Spanish inspired potato salad is an attempt to do exactly Read more

Celeriac Remoulade, Venison and Sourdough Open Sandwich

I don't wish to be cruel but a celeriac is never going to win the most attractive vegetable of the year award. To make up for its less than enticing characteristics you would have thought Mother Nature would make it easy to get inside, peel it like an orange for example, but the skin of a celeriac is as tough as old boots. That's not to say it's not worth the effort, the hand cramp and the awkwardness; it's a great root to take some frustration Read more