Smoked Cheddar and Pickled Onion Turnovers

There's something you need to know about these turnovers. Although they are most excellent for using up leftovers they are more than worth baking up in their own right. Am I the only one who couldn't say no if offered Smoked Cheddar and Pickled Onion Turnovers? Didn't think so. Perfect for using up roast or mashed potatoes, pickled onions or chutneys and whatever hunk of cheese you have lying around. Completely versatile and a little bit too tasty Read more

Spinach and Cheese Vegetarian Sausage Rolls with The Laughing Cow

Hang on, a sausage roll that doesn’t have any sausage in it? Correct. I absolutely love a proper sausage roll; when the juices run out of it and caramelise under the flaky pastry. To pack a picnic with a couple of sausage rolls and a flask of tea is to pack a fine picnic as far as I’m concerned. So what’s with this vegetarian creation? My reasons are threefold: firstly, at this time of year I need pastry; secondly, I love spinach and particularly Read more

Caramelised Rhubarb Galette des Rois

Oh rhubarb. Not only the choice swear word for the less potty mouthed among us but also a rather delectable vegetable. I know it's sort of a fruit but as it doesn't have any seeds I will class it as a vegetable. I acquired my most recent handful of stalks after spending a lovely morning at a local farm shop (more about that in a separate post). I was even allowed to pull this straight out of the ground myself which was a rewarding, if somewhat exhausting, Read more

Elderberry and Apple Turnovers

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and my bicycle was glistening and raring to go. Foraging can be a trifle difficult when you’re cycling if, like me, you think you’re Victoria Pendleton. Berries can whizz past in the blink of an eye and then you need to brake, reverse to try and find the source of your distraction. When I went out to get these elderberries I took it nice and slowly to ensure I could scour the hedgerows sufficiently.  It wasn't quite Read more

Pork Wellington

Comfort food is wonderful. It's always the things which are full of bread, cheese, pasta, pastry and the like. Sometimes I want the comfort without the guilt, and particularly for this, without the expense. Beef wellington is as magnificent a dinner as they come; it's one of my all time favourites. However, pork fillet is about a third of the price of beef fillet and therefore makes a brilliantly cheaper alternative. I had to ask my butcher to Read more

English Heritage Cherry Tart

Once, a very long time ago, I ate a whole bowl of cherries. Not particularly interesting until you find out that not only did I eat the cherries but I ate every single one of the stones too. When you are five years old and take everything your father says as gospel you can imagine the panic, and intrigue, when you’re told that a cherry tree will start to grow in your stomach. It is now some years later and I’m still waiting.  My cherry eating Read more

The Cornish Pasty

The Cornish pasty is an absolute classic. If you're ever in Cornwall you won't be far from one, you'll probably smell it before you see it. Originally from humble origins the pasty is now a celebrated meat and vegetable filled pastry. For those who don't know the pasty was the food of Cornish miners. The way it is folded over (with a thick edge of pastry on one side) meant that the miners didn't have to put their hands in their mouths when eating. Read more

Quince and Apple Pie and a Pastry Lesson

Pastry has to be, without doubt, the best cradle, blanket or hat for any rich, sumptuous bed of fruit, meat or vegetables. It is that crunch, that warmth and that way it crumbles which makes it just so. I thought of pastry as my nemesis. Stupid stuff that was invariably delicious when prepared by anyone but myself. All this was to change when I met Jane.  Jane makes an awful lot of pastry. She is Jane of Jane's Kitchen and prepares a marvellous Read more

Chicken and Vegetable Pie

This is a perfect recipe for the long Easter weekend break. It's a celebration of Spring vegetables in the best wrapping of all...pastry. It is extremely versatile as you can change the vegetables depending on what is in season. It is also great for using up leftovers. For this particular pie, I used 1 whole chicken, 1 large onion, 1 leek, 3 carrots and several large leaves of kale. In addition to this you will need a glass of white wine, 300ml double Read more

Using up jars in the cupboard – Rich Shortcrust Pastry Tarts

Where a few months ago a slice of lemon drizzle cake or a blueberry muffin would have cheered up my lunchbox I needed something more substantial, more buttery and more comforting. All this snow has meant I've been raiding the cupboards and I found jars and bottles full of stuff that really I'm never going to use. I also figured if any of my nearest and dearest know me, I'll be getting many more jars of treats on the 25th. I managed to find some Read more