Smoked Chicken Fried Rice

I bought some smoked chicken from a local farm shop. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it but it sounded too tasty not to try it. I planned to serve it with some cheese and chutneys but somehow I never got round to it. I certainly wasn't going to waste it and I thought, rather than serving it alongside something else, why not make it the star of the dish? Smoked chicken fried rice sounded like just the thing for a simple, no hassle Read more

Balsamic Roasted Vegetables and Lemon and Black Pepper Cod with Birds Eye

When I'm thinking of ways to treat myself in the middle of the week I like to try and make my life as easy as possible. I prefer to make things where everything is cooked together, or use the same tools. For example I would always try to steam any vegetables over potatoes or pasta that I'm cooking, or if I'm roasting something I try to put everything in the oven. That's what this meal is all about; grabbing a few bits and bobs from around the kitchen Read more

Keema Rice – Feed 4 for £6

I don't know about you but during the week when it comes to cooking dinner I want something quick, easy and full of flavour. It's also a winner if it's cheap to make and uses up a few bits and bobs I have hanging around in the fridge too. Keema rice is one of my guilty pleasures; I love the heavily spiced lamb, golden onions and fragrant rice. I thought it was about time I attempted to make it at home. You will need (for 4): 250g easy cook, Read more

Feed 4 for £6: Pea, Carrot and Paneer Pilaf

I hadn't done a vegetarian option for my Feed 4 for £6 series for a little while so I thought it was about time I did. I am a big fan of recipes which involve putting ingredients into a pan, putting a lid on and leaving it to its own devices and this is one of those. If you can't find paneer for this recipe you can use halloumi but it's saltier. All you need otherwise is onions, carrots, peas, curry powder and rice. Sorted. You will need Read more

Feed 4 for £6: Cheat’s one pot Paella

I didn't realise how much rice I had been eating until I thought about the last time I ate pasta or potatoes and I can’t remember when that was. I like rice as a plain side to something, a herb encrusted rice salad or as a risotto. This quick and easy rice dish (or a cheat paella) is not a paella by any means but it’s a great dish to knock up after a hectic day with a nice bit of chorizo for a mid-week Spanish pick me up. Get out your flamenco. You Read more

Review: Easy Indian Cookbook by Manju Malhi

Spices in food have always made me curious. I like all spices, those that I've tried anyway, and a little bit of fresh or dried chilli is always welcome when spices are around. When I've attempted making a spiced dish before it's always lead to interesting results. The ras-el-hanout I add to lamb is great, the fajitas are good but I am normally disappointed if I try to make a curry. The flavour never seems deep enough; too much of one thing and not Read more

Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Mixed Mushroom Risotto

I do like purple sprouting broccoli. It seems less like broccoli than a standard green tree and so I feel I should pay it extra care and attention. As much as I enjoy a stem or two on the side of the plate sometimes I want it to be the star attraction. There was a lot of purple sprouting broccoli to get through; a whole bag full in fact from the veg box. One of the reasons I like purple sprouting so much is that it signals the start of Spring. Along Read more