Chocolate Rolled Oat Biscuits

Part biscuit and part flapjack, these Chocolate Rolled Oat Biscuits are a doddle to make. All mixed in one bowl and baked in one dish; minimum fuss and washing up, maximum baking satisfaction. I like that these biscuits aren’t too sweet and the generous amount of oats used means they are really filling. I’m not sure if they are technically a flapjack or a biscuit though; the lack of honey or golden syrup isn’t very flapjack-y but then the oaty Read more

Granny’s Oat Biscuits

When I was young I baked with my Granny at any opportunity. She's got mad cooking skills and will beat anything together that looks like it's not going to work, portion up a raw chicken to freeze in the blink of an eye and somehow manages to produce amazing food from seemingly nothing. Safe to say, she knows what she's doing. However, we made these biscuits once together and, thanks to a timely phone call from my Mum, somehow both forgot to add any Read more

Homemade Easy Granola

Why bother making your own granola? I mean, the stuff that comes in a nice box all full of stuff can’t really be that different and making your own sounds like such a hassle right? Nope. As it turns out making your own is not only ridiculously easy but it’s so much tastier than anything I’ve tried pre-bought. I find the readymade ones are far too sweet and you spend every morning searching for the elusive hazelnuts you’re pretty sure are meant Read more

Dried Blueberry and Almond Cereal Bars

You know when you buy an ingredient to make something and the remainder of it sits in the cupboard waiting to be used? I had a bit of this going on with oats, flaked almonds, seeds, maple syrup and dried blueberries. To use them (or as many of them as I could) up I made some lovely crumbly cereal bars. I wanted to keep the butter to a minimum to try and keep them a little on the healthy side. You will need: 225g oats 100ml maple syrup 150g butter 75g Read more

Cardamom infused Porridge with Raspberries

A weekend breakfast is a completely different thing to a weekday breakfast. I don't know about you but my weekday breakfasts consist of shovelling yoghurt (if I'm lucky I've added some fruit or nuts) into my mouth while running around trying to get ready being very careful not to spill anything on myself. It's not what you would call relaxing. A weekend breakfast is a whole new affair; the possibilities are endless. Pancakes, pastries, fruit, tea, Read more

Damson and Apple Crumble

Crumble is the food I turn to when the evenings start getting darker and it starts getting cooler. The way the sweet, slightly tart fruit of choice bubbles and seeps through the crunchy, crumbly, biscuity top is a sure fire way to warm you from inside to out. What I love about crumble is that it's so versatile; the fruit is whatever fruit you can get your hands on.  I think that a person's crumble is as unique as their fingerprint. Some crumbles Read more

Using up jars in the cupboard – Rich Shortcrust Pastry Tarts

Where a few months ago a slice of lemon drizzle cake or a blueberry muffin would have cheered up my lunchbox I needed something more substantial, more buttery and more comforting. All this snow has meant I've been raiding the cupboards and I found jars and bottles full of stuff that really I'm never going to use. I also figured if any of my nearest and dearest know me, I'll be getting many more jars of treats on the 25th. I managed to find some Read more

Quince and Apple Crumble – adventures with the quince

The quince used to be a hidden fruit. It seems it was embarrassed of its furry skin, ever varying sizes and odd looks. I had heard rumours of it returning to its former glory and I kept my eyes peeled and nostrils ready for a sight or a whiff of this mysterious fruit.  I found it. If you have not ever been lucky enough to encounter the quince then scrap any plans this weekend and go and hunt some down. It looks like a pear, is tough like a pumpkin, Read more

Anzac Biscuits and Chocolate Nut Biscuits

What a week! I felt like I’d earned a good baking session. The following two recipes are really easy and truly yummy. Anzac Biscuits Yes perhaps I am a bit premature for Anzac day but nonetheless, they are a deliciously oaty crunchy cookie. What you will need: 100g rolled oats 140g plain flour 100g unrefined light brown sugar 45g flaked coconut 110g unsalted butter 2tbsp golden syrup ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda 1tbsp hot water Preheat Read more