Orange and Rosemary Martini

I'll stick a herb in pretty much anything and adding or infusing herbs in drinks or cocktails is always delicious. My Orange and Rosemary Martini is particularly excellent for two reasons: first, it uses those fantastic big oranges that you can get at this time of year and second, that faint hint of rosemary is so distinctive it makes for a really refreshing martini. It looks inviting, it's easy to make and the flavours take the edge of a plain martini Read more

Lime, Thyme and Quince Gin Cocktail

I made my quince gin as a way to use some of those delicious fuzzy fruits that grow in the garden. The gin has come out a wonderful, pale canary yellow colour and makes a divine gin and tonic. It is in fact so delicious that it deserved a mix up of its own, something to complement the quince’s distinctive flavour. I love using herbs in drinks and puddings and I wanted to add a botanical twang to this drink. A Lime, Thyme and Quince Gin Cocktail Read more

Quince Gin

Having put quinces through their baking paces (adding them to crumbles or baking them with honey) I wanted to see how else I could use them. Steeping them with gin seemed like a logical step; the unique flavour of quince I thought would work really well. I set about making some quince gin and I made a little film about it too! It’s the first film I’ve made and I have a new YouTube channel too, check it out below! You will need: 750g quinces, Read more

Bergamot Gin and Tonic

I am very familiar with the flavour of bergamot, being an avid Earl Grey fan, but I had never seen or tasted the bergamot lemon itself. A mystical fruit that I thought was confined to tea makers and lucky Mediterranean gardens. Then I found I could order some beautiful organic ones along with my veg box; it would be rude not to. My first thought when I got them was to add a slice to some hot water, just to smell and taste them. But then I remembered Read more


I have been so busy this year that I have run out of time to make my own sloe gin. It’s not the end of the world though as I have some of last year’s stash left and once that’s gone there are some delicious ready steeped and drained sloe gins around. As much as I enjoy a classic sloe gin and tonic there’s much enjoyment to be had mixing up something different. One place you can find some inspiration for new drinks to try is thebar. I found Read more

Earl Grey Gin Cocktail

I like tea and I like gin. I particularly like earl grey and gin based cocktails so I thought it was about time that I got creative with my cocktail shaker and tried these two tastes together. Not for my own benefit of course, all in the name of experimenting. Whenever I make a cocktail I am always amazed at how the slight slip of a hand can affect the end taste of the drink; too sweet, too acidic, too much alcohol. Then again, you can add a bit more Read more

Damson Gin, Lychee and Champagne Cocktail

As much as it's lovely to have plenty of ideas for food to cook with a festive feel you can't very well just make do with mulled wine for the month of December. No indeed. At some point in my life I went from having no spirits in the house to being on the verge of opening a drinks emporium. It seems to have crept up on me (I'm sure it has to everyone) and I have all sorts of odds and ends to do something with. The brandy is being used to make sloe Read more

Damson Gin with Lemon and Lime

It's nice to have a cupboard full of foraged wares. Currently I am housing sloe port made with sloes that were steeping in gin for two years, a nine month damson gin and I am now using the gin soaked damsons to kick off a batch of damson port. I've been busy. As nice as it is to sip the damson gin like a thin fruity syrup it's also nice to be able to jazz it up sometimes. After nine months of steeping the damson gin has come out a glorious, deep, Read more

Strawberry, Mint, Elderflower and Gin Cocktail

There is a bit of an elderflower theme going on at the moment on here but I do like to make the most of something while it's around. Having the elderflower syrup present in my kitchen means I am forever thinking up new ways of using it. I adore strawberries and mint and they are heavenly together so I felt like being brave, getting my muddler out and knocking up a summery cocktail. With all this glorious sunshine it would be rude not to. You will Read more

Gin and Tonic Mini Jellies

I was never a fan of jelly and ice cream. I'm afraid that even when I was five I had standards and high expectations of jelly and ice cream that a children's party just could not match. I went off jelly after several wobbly strawberry attempts for many years. I tried it in trifle too (not for me) and it wasn't until I decided to make my own jelly that I appreciated just what a marvel it can be. Now I'm a grown up and I like jelly I've also realised Read more