Smoked Cheddar and Pickled Onion Turnovers

There's something you need to know about these turnovers. Although they are most excellent for using up leftovers they are more than worth baking up in their own right. Am I the only one who couldn't say no if offered Smoked Cheddar and Pickled Onion Turnovers? Didn't think so. Perfect for using up roast or mashed potatoes, pickled onions or chutneys and whatever hunk of cheese you have lying around. Completely versatile and a little bit too tasty Read more

Spinach and Cheese Vegetarian Sausage Rolls with The Laughing Cow

Hang on, a sausage roll that doesn’t have any sausage in it? Correct. I absolutely love a proper sausage roll; when the juices run out of it and caramelise under the flaky pastry. To pack a picnic with a couple of sausage rolls and a flask of tea is to pack a fine picnic as far as I’m concerned. So what’s with this vegetarian creation? My reasons are threefold: firstly, at this time of year I need pastry; secondly, I love spinach and particularly Read more

Blood Orange Tart with Caramelised Blood Oranges

I absolutely love blood oranges for several reasons: firstly they are just so pretty it's hard not to like them, secondly as they are in season in January they are a welcome citrusy start to the year and thirdly I love squeezing a big bowl full to make my own pink juice. I wanted to make something to show off blood oranges at their best and I've fancied my hand at a tart au citron for a while. So I thought a sort of blood orange tart (or tart au blood Read more

Feed 4 for £6: Leek, Cheese and Potato Pie

I like pastry. I also like cheese and I would happily barge anyone out of the way to get my hands on a cheese, onion and potato pasty. The perfect combination of cheese, potato, onion and pastry can be hard to find and I like chunks of potato and onion not a mush; so I thought I'd best go about making my own version so I can make it just right. It's also British Pie Week next week so the timing of my pie baking is ideal.  You will need: 1 Read more

Granny’s Sage, Chestnut, Apple and Onion Stuffing for Sausage Rolls

A few years ago a friend of mine bought me one of those blank cookery books that you write up your recipes in over time. I had always cooked with my Granny and this seemed the perfect place for her to store some of her recipes for me to refer to in the future. One of the recipes she included was one for Sage, Chestnut, Apple and Onion stuffing which had a rather festive feel to it. She had also included a recipe for sausage rolls a few pages along Read more

Outrageously Orange Mince Pies

Confession time. I'm not a great fan of mincemeat. It's just a bit too strong for me. Having said that I am a big fan of the mince pie; so long as there's more pastry than mince. To mellow the minciness of these mince pies I have mixed the mincemeat half and half with marmalade. There's also some orange zest in the pastry to give them a real citrus zing. I think if someone had given me this less intense mince pie as a child I would have been more Read more

Millionaire’s Tart

Baking is something I save for one of two occasions; a rainy day (classic excuse) or a day where my eyebrows have been almost continuously furrowed. With the return of the Great British Bake Off on our screens I felt it was high time I got out my scales and greaseproof paper to make something truly indulgent. Well if you're only going to bake occasionally then why make something healthy? Also, I wanted to make sure that I could retain my pastry skills Read more

Caramelised Rhubarb Galette des Rois

Oh rhubarb. Not only the choice swear word for the less potty mouthed among us but also a rather delectable vegetable. I know it's sort of a fruit but as it doesn't have any seeds I will class it as a vegetable. I acquired my most recent handful of stalks after spending a lovely morning at a local farm shop (more about that in a separate post). I was even allowed to pull this straight out of the ground myself which was a rewarding, if somewhat exhausting, Read more

Cranberry, Cointreau and Clementine Sauce

Christmas cannot be a cranberry free zone; this versatile berry can be paired with both sweet and savoury things. Not only is this fruit a great all rounder but it makes itself into a sauce in no time. As the cranberry transforms so simply into a sauce it lends itself to interference, by you, to turn it into something new and exciting. This recipe is for my cranberry sauce with Cointreau and clementine which is extremely delicious when used as a Read more

Pear and Damson Lattice Pie

You know when you’ve just always wanted to make something? I’ve always wanted to try a lattice pie; one with lovely red fruit under the interwoven top. I imagined it would be assembled in a cloud of flour with pastry flying all over the place while I tried to weave the lattice. I envisaged having to try and find my inner Mr Tickle. In reality it was a comparatively calm affair with only slight frowning during the construction.  Some people, Read more