Sticky Soy Chard

Chard has such a fantastic earthy flavour and I love using it in all sorts of dishes. I used Swiss chard for this recipe but the rainbow variety would work just as well and look fantastic. My Sticky Soy Chard came about because I wanted to treat the chard exactly as I would treat bok choi; covering it in a savoury, sticky glaze. The chard plant itself does have a habit of getting a bit of mud stuck in the leaves so make sure you give it a good wash Read more

Lentils and Chard

There’s always a pack of lentils in my kitchen cupboards. Sometimes more than one; the quick cooking red variety to throw into soups, the big fat yellow ones for making dahl and the more elegant puy for making a wholesome side dish or salad. The mealy, earthy taste and texture that comes from a lentil is part of its charm; the fact that they are so humble but so versatile and filling is why I always find myself with lentils on my plate at least Read more

Chard and Smoked Bacon Open Lasagne with Basil Oil

I think everyone has a particular vegetable that they always end up cooking the same way. I simply couldn't have another plate of steamed or stir fried chard so I put my thinking cap on and realised maybe chard isn't the only vegetable I haven't paid much attention to. Whenever I have leeks around they normally end up in a slow cooked pork stew; namely because I don't really like leeks and I can't taste them as much this way. Courgettes are another Read more