Honeyed Apricots with Rosemary Crème Fraîche

Apricots make me think of my Mum. She's the biggest apricot fan I know and until last year I didn't really get what all the fuss was about. Then I had a proper one. Not a dry, fuzzy one with an inside like loft insulation but a sweet, juice running down the chin, superbly ripe one. And everything changed. Honeyed Apricots with Rosemary Crème Fraîche might sound like an unusual combination but herbs and fruit work so well together and this is truly Read more

Three Ingredient Date and Coconut Bites

There are an awful lot of new 'healthy' or 'superfoods' around at the moment and they are everywhere you look. Avocados, coconut oil, seeds and berries, cacao nibs; the list goes on. Now, I'll try anything once and I have had a flirtation with all of the aforementioned foods but what happens when the Vogue moment is over, everyone's moved on to something new and you're left with a cupboard of half opened ingredients. Well if you're me and throwing Read more

Green Clementine Fruit Salad with Mint and Vanilla Syrup

You know when the nights start to get dark earlier, it’s a bit colder than it was before and people start sneezing (not due to hayfever) that you just want to be on holiday? I have a significant desire to be on a beach from November to February; unfortunately it’s not a practical option. So, to make the best of it I surround myself with fruit. The more tropical and bright the better but there’s only so many pineapples one person can eat. I was Read more

Review: What to Bake and How to Bake It

I was sent What to Bake and How to Bake It to review and I was really looking forward to having a flick through the pages to see what to bake. I knew it would be a fab book from the quick look I initially had but I wasn't quite expecting it to be such the joy that it was. The quirky cover makes it stand out amongst the other books on my shelves and I liked the colours and illustrations. There are two key things I noticed about the book which I love: Read more

Victoria Sponge with Rhubarb and Vanilla Compote

It's always nice to see some bright pink rhubarb poking its head out at the market but as it's the first of the season it can be quite pricey. So when you have only £1.80, what can you do with two rhubarb sticks? Make a lovely, vibrant rhubarb compote/jam to sandwich in the middle of two fat slices of cake of course. Other things that you can do with two sticks of rhubarb include: jousting, a spot of relay running or making a parasol (if you have Read more