Mini Cheesecake Mess with The Laughing Cow

I love cheesecake. This recipe for mini cheesecake mess is a great way of using up almost anything sweet you've got hanging around and, if I do say so myself, look pretty cute too.  A lovely little sweet treat for lunch or after dinner. Have you ever tried to make cheesecake (or cream cheese icing) with low fat soft cheese? It never seems to work for me and just ends up all runny and no good at all. I thought I’d give it a try with some Laughing Read more

My Perfectly Imperfect Chocolate Cake

I have a secret and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who keeps this quiet. I love baking, but, most of the time it never turns out quite how I envisaged it would. Getting all of a huff in the kitchen when the butter is still too cold, spilling the ingredients even when I'm being extra careful and being super paranoid checking the oven temperature is an awful lot of hard work for something that turns out too flat, not quite right or sinks in the Read more

Millionaire’s Tart

Baking is something I save for one of two occasions; a rainy day (classic excuse) or a day where my eyebrows have been almost continuously furrowed. With the return of the Great British Bake Off on our screens I felt it was high time I got out my scales and greaseproof paper to make something truly indulgent. Well if you're only going to bake occasionally then why make something healthy? Also, I wanted to make sure that I could retain my pastry skills Read more

Wild Hazelnut Brittle

I have been noticing more and more things in the hedgerows. Perhaps it's due to the purchasing of a foraging handbook which has become the mainstay of my bedside table or maybe my observational skills have drastically improved. Whichever the reason it has meant even more slowing down and stopping on a walk; not irritating if you are me but rather tiresome if you are walking with me. Apparently. What used to be a half an hour walk can now involve Read more

Sticky Toffee and Date Cake from Baked In

Back in July I was at a food festival and got talking to a company called Baked In. They sell the dried ingredients you need to make a cake, all pre-weighed and ready to go. They asked me if I'd like to give one of their mixes a try, the sticky toffee and date was calling out to me so I grabbed a bag and headed off looking forward to putting on my apron. Since then we have had some very lovely hot weather and baking on a hot day wasn't appealing to Read more

Caramelised Rhubarb Galette des Rois

Oh rhubarb. Not only the choice swear word for the less potty mouthed among us but also a rather delectable vegetable. I know it's sort of a fruit but as it doesn't have any seeds I will class it as a vegetable. I acquired my most recent handful of stalks after spending a lovely morning at a local farm shop (more about that in a separate post). I was even allowed to pull this straight out of the ground myself which was a rewarding, if somewhat exhausting, Read more

Banoffee and Chocolate Chelsea Buns

Have you ever had one of those days where a banana keeps looking at you? You keep seeing it out of the corner of your eye knowing it's getting riper by the second but you just don't feel like eating it. Everyone likes their bananas differently; some like them green and leaving that funny feeling in your mouth and others like them bruised and brown. I am on the green team; as soon as there's a speck of brown on the banana skin I can't stand it. But Read more

Zillionaire’s Shortbread

The New Year is always full of optimism, resolutions and excitement. What is your resolution this year? Some people choose dieting/getting healthy/losing weight as their resolution and to those of you reading this who may have just started their path to a healthier lifestyle, I apologise. This recipe is not for those who strive for a smaller waist. This is pure, unashamed indulgence; layers of buttery shortbread sandwiched with dulce de leche, topped Read more

An Autumn Picnic 3 of 3: Caramelised Pears with Crumbled Parkin

A picnic must always have something sweet to round it off; a jam tart or two, some chocolate biscuits or even a slice of cake. This being an autumn picnic meant that the sweet must have a seasonal feel. Pears were an obvious choice but you can't finish a picnic with just a pear that would be akin to having a carrot instead of a birthday cake. No, these pears needed some warmth and caramelised pears seemed just the ticket.  Parkin is a traditional Read more

Caramelised Apples

Apples are everywhere at the moment. They are falling out of trays at the market, falling off the trees along the road and falling onto my plate at any given opportunity. As much as I enjoy an apple on its own, it has to be a good one mind, sometimes you can have too many to know what to do with. Apple cakes, crumbles, pies and flapjacks are all lovely but I wanted to enjoy some apples at their very best and not shrouded by too many other flavours. These Read more