Spanish Fennel Biscuits with Cream Cheese and Honey

When I was in Spain I ordered a dessert on the assumption that there had been a translation error on the menu. They can't mean cheese ice cream, surely, they must mean cheeseCAKE ice cream, that'll be delicious. Nope. Along came some cheese ice cream with a massive cracker on the side. What a revelation it was. The 'cracker' was actually a slightly sweet, very thin, fennel infused biscuit covered in sticky honey, which when dunked in the cheese ice Read more

Coconut, Sesame and Chocolate Shortbread

When something just works it’s the best. It could be a combination of flavours you tried by accident or using something perfectly for a different purpose than it was designed for. I made this Coconut, Sesame and Chocolate Shortbread for both of the aforementioned reasons. Recently I was enjoying my chocolate dessert when another coconut and sesame pudding was on the table, and as I like to try everything, I took a scoop of the coconut and sesame Read more

Fairtrade Coffee Shortbread

It's #befair fortnight until 12th October which is all about asking the question, "Are we really as fair as we think?". The Fairtrade Foundation is working to make us aware of small acts of fairness that can make a big change; like switching your morning coffee to a fair trade coffee. The people at the Fairtrade Foundation sent me a variety of coffees to try and I set about making a fair bake. This recipe for chocolate and coffee shortbread uses Read more

Coffee and Chocolate Shortbread

I have been meaning to make some shortbread for a while but things just seem to get in the way and before I know it I'm tucked up in bed thinking, "Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be shortbread day", it seemed to be a never ending cycle. However many things happen I always try to make time to bake a biscuit; there's nothing else that can fill the void like making a homemade treat. To bring about my biscuit making I set about creating a coffee chocolate shortbread. Kopi Read more

Chocolate Shortbread with Rosemary and Hazelnuts

A while ago I was having some lunch in a restaurant. For pudding I had some soft, sugar covered dough sticks which were to be dipped in a well known hazelnut chocolate spread. At some point in the kitchen a rogue bit of rosemary had ended up on my dough stick. I imagine there must have been some sort of herb-off going on in the kitchen between the chefs and the remnants of the duel had not been cleared up. Unbeknown to me I submerged it in hazelnutty Read more

Zillionaire’s Shortbread

The New Year is always full of optimism, resolutions and excitement. What is your resolution this year? Some people choose dieting/getting healthy/losing weight as their resolution and to those of you reading this who may have just started their path to a healthier lifestyle, I apologise. This recipe is not for those who strive for a smaller waist. This is pure, unashamed indulgence; layers of buttery shortbread sandwiched with dulce de leche, topped Read more

Rhubarb and Hazelnut Shortbread Crumble

There are times in life where a great slice of cake is just what you need. A bad day at work, it's been raining and you've left the washing out or unexpected expenditure all seems insignificant, smaller somehow, when you're eating sponge and jam. These problems can even disappear completely if it's a cake fresh from the oven. There are those other times though. When cake just can't cut the mustard and it's the bite of a biscuit that you need. I Read more

Raspberries, Elderflower Cream and leftover Elderflower Shortbread

So you’re in the kitchen feeling a bit peckish and you spot the biscuit tin. My biscuit tin had previously been looking after some elderflower and white chocolate shortbread but was there any left? Yes. Yes there was some left, but just one piece. Should I eat it myself and snub all knowledge of its existence?    Unfortunately as I was plotting how to cover my tracks my other half walked in to the kitchen with a similarly devilish plan. I Read more

Elderflower and White Chocolate Shortbread

When you’ve gone to the effort of making elderflower sugar it is paramount that you make the most of it in ever varying and interesting ways. I thought I’d run out of sugar much sooner than I have; indeed I still have around 500g left. The sugar itself has an incredible aroma and every time you open the lid it smells of hedgerows. The little elderflower cakes I made were lovely but I wanted something a little more biscuit orientated. Not only Read more

Rhubarb Sorbet and Shortbread

Rhubarb has been making a few appearances of late and there are only so many crumbles you can eat without wishing for a little variety. Rhubarb has so far featured on here as Rhubarb and Custard and Rhubarb and Blood Orange Compote. It's been with something else; something to cushion the blow of its out and out sourness. Now is the time to embrace the wonderful cheek puckering that rhubarb provides with a decadent rhubarb sorbet.   I managed to Read more