Vegetarian Fish and Chips (with Halloumi)

This is, probably, one of my absolute favourite meals I have ever made. Not only does it look glorious (excuse self-praising) but it is absolutely delicious. A vegetarian fish and chips if you will; a real rival to that classic seaside dish using halloumi instead of fish. With my recipe there is no crispy batter, however, the outside of the halloumi gets all crispy and wonderful so you really don’t miss it. Plus, as there’s no deep fat frying Read more

Balsamic Roasted Vegetables and Lemon and Black Pepper Cod with Birds Eye

When I'm thinking of ways to treat myself in the middle of the week I like to try and make my life as easy as possible. I prefer to make things where everything is cooked together, or use the same tools. For example I would always try to steam any vegetables over potatoes or pasta that I'm cooking, or if I'm roasting something I try to put everything in the oven. That's what this meal is all about; grabbing a few bits and bobs from around the kitchen Read more

Review: Norwegian Skrei Cod in a simple Butter and Parsley Sauce

I don't get to eat much fish at home as the OH isn't a fan of anything with gills and I certainly can't be bothered to make something different for both of us! Now I'm working from home I can have all sorts of things for lunch. The mind boggles. In reality it's almost always toast but I was offered some Skrei cod to try and I thought it would make my midday meal much more exciting. Skrei is a much loved Norwegian delicacy. Skrei must be caught Read more

Smoked Trout and Potato Salad

I have been doing many things recently that I have not done before. I recently de-boned a chicken, which I was pretty apprehensive about because it was new to me, but I am pleased to confirm it couldn't have gone better. This recipe is another example of trying to do something I was thoroughly convinced was complicated and time consuming.  I had never previously bought a whole fish and so I bought two strikingly golden smoked trout from the Read more