Lunch at Browns, Windsor

I love Windsor. Partly because it’s both Windsor and, after a skip over the bridge, Eton. We went last weekend for lunch at Browns, Windsor but before we ate we had some exploring to do. As a compact town there’s plenty of wandering around shops that can be accomplished in no time at all but we opted for grabbing a drink and promenading up the Long Walk. On a frosty morning, looking back at Windsor Castle with a warm coffee in hand it was really Read more

2016 Best Bits

Those funny few days between Christmas and New Year are the perfect time for a bit of reflection. I like to look back at everything I've been up to and where I've been, what (if anything!) I've learned and achieved in the last year and, most importantly, what I've been eating! So this post contains my absolute favourite recipes from this year and some of the best places I have visited. Beer, Mustard and Onion Macaroni Cheese To cook up this take Read more

Burley Manor – An Autumn Weekend Escape

A night away is a real treat; one where you have gone far enough that you’re away from home but not so far that you get bored of driving. The New Forest is much closer to me than I had previously realised (how I’ve not recognised this before is quite astounding) and a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life so I was really looking forward to a stay at Burley Manor. Based in Burley, in the New Forest, Burley Manor Read more

Bar Centro Gothenburg

First and foremost I must start by telling you that all the food in Gothenburg is really rather good. My top tip is to make sure you eat out with as many people as possible so you can nick food off their plate to try everything. Luckily we were travelling in a pack of four (the OH, his sister and her husband, and me of course). We ate out for almost every meal and whether you are in a coffee shop with some excellent kanelbullar, an Italian deli (Fratelli Read more

An Adventure Right on Your Doorstep

I thought I knew my local area pretty well, thought I’d trodden all its paths and roads and could take you to all the best places. Turns out I was wrong as a spontaneous left turn took me to all sorts of corners of Hampshire that I didn’t even know were there. We were planning on doing a bit of local exploring but hadn’t set our expectations too high as we were so convinced we'd already seen it all; we were amazed at all the new places we Read more

Stop The World Cafe, Leigh-on-Sea

I have already mentioned that Leigh-on-Sea is a fantastic town with a seemingly never ending road of independent shops, bars and eateries. We'd already spent hours wandering around; first down to the old town with fresh fish for sale in charming sheds and stalls then back to the top of the town for a nose round the shops. We are notorious for rushing round places and seeing everything within the first hour then wondering what to do next. Not in Leigh-on-Sea, Read more

Coastal Bite, Southend

After arriving in Southend a few weeks ago we ventured out, into some unruly weather, to take a walk along the seafront to Westcliff-on-Sea to get some lunch. After passing the pier, Southend town and some of the gardens opposite the water we arrived at a collection of cafés and shops set back from the sea each with its own brightly coloured awning, tempting smell and delicious sounding menu. I love a sandwich and they don't come much better than Read more

The Pipe of Port, Southend

Every town has a hidden gem I’m sure of it. The only problem with hidden gems is that some people don’t like to tell you about them; the secret is best kept to themselves. Well, sorry Southend but I’m going to tell everyone about yours: The Pipe of Port. Just off the main high street, with blackboards outside to announce its presence this is a restaurant that is worth a visit. Even if you live in Lerwick. You descend into The Pipe of Read more

A Weekend in Southend

When I hear a town name that ends in ‘on-Sea’ I can’t help but think it’ll be a place full of fish a chip shops, candyfloss and rock, stripy deck chairs and 99s with a flake. It conjures up images of 1950’s his and hers matching striped bathing suits, an afternoon watching Punch and Judy and a cream tea or two. If you can’t tell already I’m a big fan of a British seaside town, there’s something about them you don’t find anywhere Read more

Five Days in New York: How To Do Everything

So you’ve booked your flights and hotel to the Big Apple and it’s a little while until you go, plenty of time to plan. You start looking online for ideas and inspiration for where to go and what to see; it’s all a bit overwhelming and you tell yourself you’ll come back to it. You buy a guidebook, thicker than you thought, and start trying to narrow down what to do. Again, it’s so full of ideas you don’t know whether to start at the back Read more