Tomato and Mascarpone Gnocchi Bake

I think this is a perfect meal in many ways: firstly, it's just the right size for two people; secondly, it's really simple to make; thirdly, it's deliciously vegetarian and full of veg and lastly, it's really versatile. My tomato and mascarpone gnocchi bake is made from a few ingredients which I often have in the kitchen anyway. Just the thing for a busy Monday night when you want something quick and tasty. You could add anything to it that you Read more

Aubergine, Butterbean, Pesto and Gnocchi Bake with Sacla

Pasta bake has got to be one of the best comfort dishes going. Plenty of carbs smothered in tomato, cheese or cream sauce with all sorts of lovely other bits in there; bacon or mushrooms being my favourite. For me a pasta bake is normally a weekend dish as it takes a bit of time to make, however, this recipe using gnocchi takes only 45 minutes from start to table and is mighty tasty and super simple too. Not only that, if you serve it with salad you’ve Read more

Wild Garlic Gnocchi with Mozzarella and Wild Garlic Oil

It all got a bit serious last weekend. I went all out for a foraging expedition; books, bags to carry what I picked and bigger bag to carry all my things, wellies, I was prepared for anything. While out I found a few new things I didn't realise were edible but I headed straight to my favourite patch of wild garlic to get picking before the season is over. I did have to travel a little downstream to get to the good stuff and there was a wobbly moment Read more

Feed 4 for £6: Gnocchi with Broccoli, Toasted Walnuts and Blue Cheese Sauce

Apparently we are due for one of the coldest winters ever; don’t they say that every year though? Either way it’s the same story for me; thick socks, snuggly jumpers and consuming an astonishing amount of cheese. When you’re having to defrost your car windscreen every morning the thought of coming home to a nice salad just doesn’t quite cut it. What is needed is lots of stodge; carbohydrates, cream and cheese. Dauphinoise is a classic choice Read more

Feed 2 for £3 – Gnocchi with Bacon, Broccoli and Creamy Garlic Sauce

This is another cheap and cheerful recipe that was recently discovered. Again, it feeds two for less than £3 and counts as two of your five a day. My recipe for gnocchi, bacon and broccoli with creamy garlic sauce is quick, easy and frugal too. It's really creamy and just what you need when you're craving a dauphinoiseque meal. What you will need (for two people): Potato gnocchi - 59p 4 rashers of bacon - £1 Small head of broccoli - 35p 150ml Read more