Batch Cooking Pizzas

When I make pizza there are no shortcuts. Making it all from scratch from fresh ingredients does take a little longer but it is so worth it, and, good news, batch cooking pizzas is so easy and they freeze really well. Most of the pizza preparation time is waiting for the dough to prove or the sauce to reduce so you can mostly leave it to itself and then reap the rewards in the weeks to come. Coming home and knowing that dinner will be ready in 20 Read more

Mushy Peas Potatoes and Ham

I absolutely love peas. For me, a life without peas isn't worth living. I moved house late last year and I don't have a freezer; no more emergency frozen peas for me. Happily it's pea season now so lovely fresh peas are popping up in the veg box, at the farmers' market and in the garden. If there's one thing I like even more than peas it's mushy peas. So for a deliciously easy summer dinner my mushy peas potatoes and ham is perfect.You will need: Lots Read more

A Belgian Croque

When I was in Bruges last year there were a few foods that cropped up on almost all of the menus: moules, frites, waffles and croques. There was one café which we went to more than once because their croques (monsieur, madame and various takes on these) were so good. It was something like €8 for one croque and salad but €10 for two croques and salad; a no brainer really. One of the croques they served was full of ham, cheese and tomato then Read more

New Potato, Green Bean and Iberico Salad

When I go out and there is a charcuterie board on offer I struggle to turn it down. I find cured meat fascinating and it’s one of my absolute favourite indulgences. One of my top five would have to be Iberico ham. I can’t get enough of it although my waist and bank balance would probably encourage me to eat a bit less. I like to make an expensive ingredient go as far as possible so this Spanish inspired potato salad is an attempt to do exactly Read more