Lime Macerated Cherries with Caramelised Brioche

Considering how much I like cherries I don’t get the chance to eat very many of them. I have never had much success with a supermarket cherry preferring to take my chances at the farmers’ market where I might be lucky to nab a punnet if I am early enough. The cherries used for this spontaneous dessert were earned by my own fair hand. I was meandering through the market, deliberating how many doughnuts were too many for breakfast, when I was Read more

Creamy Mushrooms and Wild Garlic on Brioche Toast

Foraging for food is something I have started to do over the last few years. Hunting down blackberry bushes in the autumn is something I've always done but I've never considered it to be 'foraging'. To me, proper foraging involves a wicker basket, curiously shaped knives and an innate ability to avoid thorns and nettles. Since I started to appreciate the other things that can be found outdoors I have added other wild foods to my repertoire: rosehips, Read more

Gateau à la Crème

This classic French dessert sounds so impressive but it's so easy to make and I didn’t have a food processor with a dough hook either! I used my cheap hand mixer and it did the job perfectly. Raymond Blanc made this recently on the television and I was determined to give it a go. Don’t be put off by the bountiful amounts of butter and the gargantuan number of eggs. It’s a treat and so worth the effort. What you will need: For the brioche Read more

Chocolate and Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding

I have had a request for this recipe but unfortunately I haven’t made it since I started blogging so I have no pictures to go with it! My apologies.  What you will need: 220g Brioche Butter for spreading 50g dark chocolate chips 1 egg 2 egg yolks 3 tbsp caster sugar 410g can light evaporated milk Firstly, cut the brioche into thin slices and butter each slice on one side. Place a layer of brioche (butter side down) into an ovenproof Read more