Chicken, Olive and Artichoke Stew with Risotto

I do like a tin of food. There's something very humble about tinned fruit and vegetables particularly; and I am not one to overlook anything that comes in a can. My favourite canned good of all is the artichoke. That's how this recipe for Chicken, Olive and Artichoke Stew with Risotto came about. Artichokes are very expensive, covered in oil (normally sunflower rather than nice olive oil) and quite small if you buy them chilled or in a jar; but in Read more

Spicy Tomato Fusilli with Garlic Pangrattato

The next pasta recipe up my sleeves is a super quick one; ideal for a midweek meal you need in a hurry but still want it to be tasty too. My Spicy Tomato Fusilli with Garlic Pangrattato takes less than thirty minutes from fridge to plate, is super cheap and great at using up odds and ends you may already have in the fridge and cupboards. For this recipe again I am using Vetta high fibre pasta which is higher in fibre than regular pasta thanks to a Read more

Wet Garlic Pizza Bread and Tiger Tomato Salad

It's a good job I've no aspirations to become a vampire. Garlic seems to divide opinion; you either can't get enough of it or can't stand it. I love it. There are of course many meals where it serves the purpose of adding to the background flavour rather than dominating the meal but a life without garlic, for me, would be a very miserable one indeed. A few juicy stems of wet garlic arrived in my vegetable box. I knew they would be pretty powerful Read more