Outrageously Orange Mince Pies

Confession time. I'm not a great fan of mincemeat. It's just a bit too strong for me. Having said that I am a big fan of the mince pie; so long as there's more pastry than mince. To mellow the minciness of these mince pies I have mixed the mincemeat half and half with marmalade. There's also some orange zest in the pastry to give them a real citrus zing. I think if someone had given me this less intense mince pie as a child I would have been more Read more

Victoria Sponge with Balsamic Strawberry Jam

I love a good cake and they don't get much better than a classic Victoria sponge. It's got all you need in a cake; light, sweet, buttery sponge with fruity, slightly sharp jam sticking it all together. It is debated which jam is the best; strawberry, raspberry or even blackcurrant. Strawberry would always win for me and when I saw a lonely punnet of English strawberries at the greengrocer's I had to buy it. After debating what to make with my edible Read more

Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding

 Easter provides an opportunity to make things you don't normally make; Simnel Cake, Chocolate Nests and Hot Cross Buns to name a few. If the weather is horrible it provides time to bake at leisure. This is a recipe for when you have bought or made too many hot cross buns in all the Easter excitement and they have gone a bit stale. It could also be used to disguise a less than perfect batch of homemade hot cross buns. It’s a brilliant way to make Read more

Panettone and Marmalade Bread and Butter Pudding

There are some things that are tasty on their own but become even more so when transformed into a soft, squidgy, sumptuous (and very traditional) bread and butter pudding. This wonderful celebration of stale bread is one of my favourite puddings. It is exactly what you want from a pudding; sweet, light but also filling, warm and most importantly delicious. I think to describe it as stodgy is highly unfair. You will need (for four): One large panettone Butter Marmalade Nutmeg 125g Read more