Frozen Blackcurrant Cordial

Freezer roulette, UFO night (unidentified frozen object) or whatever you call it when you select and defrost a frozen item of interest for your dinner can result in complete success or failure. I know there are those of you with very regimented and organised freezers who don’t have this issue but I know plenty of people who have chosen what they think is a delicious beef stew for their supper only to find out it used to be a chocolate gateaux. This Read more

White Chocolate and Blackcurrant Blondies

It's been a while since I made anything really indulgent and full of butter. Sometimes you just need to make something you know is 'bad' for you although I think anything you make yourself can never be bad and will certainly be better (for you and in taste) than something you can buy. These white chocolate chip and blackcurrant blondies are sumptuous enough to keep the crave away but the added blackcurrants add some acidity and freshness. And fruit, Read more

Elderflower and Blackcurrant Gin and Tonic

My idea of a perfect evening when it's raining is to eat something filling then settle down to watch a film (preferably a funny one). On a sunny evening however I always try to be outside; we've been spoilt for sunny evenings recently. Sitting in the garden watching the world go by and the sun go down is improved if you accompany it with a refreshing home made drink. My home made elderflower cordial has made plenty of appearances this year and this Read more

Blackcurrant and Liquorice Lemonade

The next beverage in my adventures with Mr Fitzpatricks cordials is Blackcurrant and Liquorice Lemonade. The smell of this cordial makes me think of old sweet shops. I love blackcurrant; it's my flavour of choice for the last sweet in the bag. Liquorice I'm pretty unfussy about as I don't mind if it's there and I don't mind if it's not. The cordial smells rich, dark and mysterious so I thought it would be an idea to mix it with something sharp and Read more

Blackcurrant and Pistachio Fool

I think we are very lucky to have seasons in this country. Each season brings with it an anticipation of some new food; asparagus, tomatoes, pumpkins or sprouts. The weather is something that we can all comment on and moan about. One of the wonderful things about a British summer is the berry season. I don’t count it as summer unless I have had at least one of every berry available. This year I haven’t been lucky enough to ascertain a gooseberry Read more

Blackcurrant Pancakes

Apparently you should breakfast like a King. Despite not having continuous supply of quail's eggs, truffle bread and gold leaf (I imagine that's what they have to start the day) my weekday breakfasts are never very exciting. It doesn't help that I don't give myself enough time in the mornings to make anything exceptional but at the weekends I try to make a little more effort. Sunday arrived and brought with it a craving for pancakes. I had bought Read more

Blackcurrant Summer Pudding and Red Gooseberry Fool

Summer is a wonderful time for unctuous puddings. Sweet ones, sharp ones, gooey ones and normally in some shade of pink. I wish I had the willpower to buy millions of summer berries and freeze them so I can knock up a pudding anytime I fancy, but I can barely resist them enough for them to make it to the saucepan. How can you go wrong with inky blackcurrants and vibrant gooseberries? Over the weekend I had occasion to make luscious puddings with Read more