Horseradish Celeriac Remoulade

I used to really dislike horseradish, I just didn’t understand why you would want to eat something that makes you pull a face similar to the one you would pull if someone trod on your foot. I had tried it before and had decided to avoid it at all costs from then on; until I ate some by accident in a mini Yorkshire pudding covered with rare roast beef and everything changed. If you’re like me and you’re also on Team Horseradish then you must Read more

Celeriac Remoulade, Venison and Sourdough Open Sandwich

I don't wish to be cruel but a celeriac is never going to win the most attractive vegetable of the year award. To make up for its less than enticing characteristics you would have thought Mother Nature would make it easy to get inside, peel it like an orange for example, but the skin of a celeriac is as tough as old boots. That's not to say it's not worth the effort, the hand cramp and the awkwardness; it's a great root to take some frustration Read more

Celeriac, Leek and Apple soup

A new year and many resolutions to break. I decided to start with good intentions however with a fresh, earthy and filling soup. It had three main ingredients; celeriac, leek and apple. To be frank and somewhat rude, the celeriac is not a looker. If you've been through life without the celeriac, please overlook its brutal looks in favour of its wonderful flavour. My apple was half a Russet and half a Kentish somethingorother and rather strikingly Read more