New Things in My Kitchen – Feb 2017

Anything that offers me something a bit different for lunch at work or breakfast in a hurry is always welcome in my kitchen. I've been trying out a few new things this year; food and books and I've been pretty impressed with a few things I hadn't tried before. So here's the latest round up of new things in my kitchen. Coconut Chilli make a range of these meal pots and all of them sound as good as each other. As I prefer to keep my lunches vegetarian Read more

2016 Christmas Food and Gift Guide

This year’s Christmas food and gift guide is full of different products to try! A little collection of tasty treats and foodie gifts to give you a few ideas. If I find anything else I think is worth popping on I’ll be adding to this list over the next few weeks. I’ve got wreaths, crisps, chocolates, prepared veg, dessert tea and a hamper to get you started. Herb wreath from Rocket Gardens I love this, I think it’s such a lovely idea Read more

New in the Kitchen November

November has certainly let us know it's arrived! The weather has definitely got colder and the trees are all almost bear. That means that the cooking has changed in my kitchen. It's all about comfort food, being clever with leftovers and slow cooking at the weekends. I have been trying out some new products this month too so here's what's new in the kitchen November. Lee Kum Kee sent me a few of their sauces to try. The Kung Pao chicken (in the Read more

New Products for Autumn 2016

You might have noticed that autumn has arrived. We're still lucky to be enjoying sunny days and there are still green leaves on the trees but as things get cosier, the food I eat changes. Here a some of the things I've been trying which I think make the move into autumn tastier: my new products for autumn. I’ve had a few things with matcha tea, mostly desserts, but I hadn’t had the actual tea itself many times. I took on the TeaPigs Matcha Read more

Riverford Recipe Box with Sarah Raven

If you've been reading my blog for a little while you'll know I'm a fan of recipe boxes. To come home and find everything you need ready to cook a meal, all pre-weighed and everything, is music to my ears for a busy week. It's meal planning but the hard work has been done for you. Riverford have started to do some of their recipe boxes with guest chefs and this month it's Sarah Raven. When they asked me if I would like to try one out I was looking Read more

New in the Kitchen May 2016

It's a funny time of year at the moment. I'm not sure whether to make myself a cold drink and sit outside or have a nice cup of tea and snuggle down on the sofa. Luckily enough with the bits and bobs I've been trying for this month's 'New in the Kitchen' I have had all sorts of things to try no matter what the weather! First up I tried a selection of Dutch treats and sweets from Hema. The bag of multicoloured sweets are called Old Dutch and were Read more

New In The Kitchen April 2016

I know it's technically May but the end of April crept up on me somewhat and before I knew it I'd run out of time to post this in April. It's been a busy month again this month and new in the kitchen were some gluten free products, soft drinks and Belgian waffles. This month has been a bit less about me experimenting with new products but rather enjoying some that are ready to go. First up I tried a couple of gluten free products from B Free. Read more

New in the Kitchen March 2016

March is a funny time of year in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s warm and sunny and you’re waiting for the first asparagus of the year. Other times it’s cold and raining and you just want to eat pie and mash. As always, it’s nice to have new products to try as it gives me an excuse to cook up something different or new and try something I might not have tried otherwise. This month it’s a mixed bag of yoghurt, fruit, juice, pesto and cake! I Read more

Recipe Box Comparison

So you're thinking of trying out a recipe box. There are a few different ones to choose from and if you're wondering where to start, who to choose and whether it's worth it, do read on. I have tried six of the recipe boxes available and every one of them was tasty, delivered nicely and I cooked something I hadn't tried before. This recipe box comparison will look at all sorts of things: price, flexibility, ease of recipe, quality and more based on Read more

New in the Kitchen February 2016

Although February is the shortest month, this year it seems to have dragged on for some time. Not necessarily a bad thing as it has given me plenty of time to munch (and drink) my way through all sorts of different products that have appeared in my kitchen this month. If you're looking for new snack ideas, there are several to check out in this post alongside a bottle or two of wine and some lovely frozen fruit and vegetables. I do like a Read more