Millionaire’s Tart

Baking is something I save for one of two occasions; a rainy day (classic excuse) or a day where my eyebrows have been almost continuously furrowed. With the return of the Great British Bake Off on our screens I felt it was high time I got out my scales and greaseproof paper to make something truly indulgent. Well if you’re only going to bake occasionally then why make something healthy? Also, I wanted to make sure that I could retain my pastry skills to ensure I avoided the dreaded soggy bottom.
Millionaire's Tart with Salted Chocolate - All That I'm Eating

You will need (for a 20cm tart):
For the pastry –
220g Plain flour
120g Butter (I used salted)
Cold water

1 can dulce de leche

For the chocolate topping –
200g high cocoa chocolate
150ml double cream
25g salted butter
Sea salt

I was so impressed with how my pastry case turned out I felt I needed to provide evidence that I had in fact made it myself!

Millionaire's Tart with Salted Chocolate - All That I'm Eating making pastry Millionaire's Tart with Salted Chocolate - All That I'm Eating making pastry

Make the pastry by rubbing the butter into the flour until you have a breadcrumb texture then bring the mixture together into a dough using a little cold water.
Knead the dough lightly on a floured surface then roll out and line a 20cm tart tin.
Cut or roll off the excess and prick the base with a fork.
Line the pastry with some greasproof paper and fill with baking beans.
Place into a preheated oven at 200C onto a hot baking tray. Bake for around 15 minutes or until almost dry then remove the baking beans and put back into the oven for another 5 minutes or until the case is golden brown and dry.
Leave to cool.

Millionaire's Tart with Salted Chocolate - All That I'm Eating

The next part of this millionaire’s tart is so satisfying to do; simply empty the entire can of dulce de leche onto the pastry case. Smooth it out with a knife then place in the fridge to cool.
While the pastry is in the fridge, make the chocolate ganache topping. Grate the chocolate into a bowl (I find it goes electrostatic and ends up everywhere so do mind out) and put to one side.
Heat the cream and butter together in a saucepan, stirring often, until just simmering then pour over the grated chocolate and stir it together until the chocolate has melted and it’s well combined.
Spoon the chocolate over the dulce de leche and then leave to cool.
Top the tart with some salt flakes.

Millionaire's Tart with Salted Chocolate - All That I'm Eating (3)

The combination of pastry, caramel and chocolate is a hard one to beat in my eyes and with a little added salt to set off your savoury taste buds this tart has a bit of everything. It’s pretty rich as you only need a small slice but with the cooler weather coming our way and the copious amount of gardening I am doing I feel I earnt a nice big slab with a cup of tea. At least, that was my excuse for the first slice. I have to warn you that this tart doesn’t travel well; I took some to work and ended up licking the majority off of the cling film. Not a good look. You’ll also be pleased to know that there wasn’t even a hint of a soggy bottom. Phew.


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    I agree, why make something healthy when its once a while. I know better because I bake like once a blue moon. You have coined an impressive name for the tart and in return it is glittering in wonderful flavors.

  2. says

    Why is it necessary to grate the chocolate? (especially since it sounds tricky). Can’t you just melt it over a bowl of hot water and then add the butter and cream to it?
    I think taking it in to work was dedication beyond the call of duty, btw. I would have scoffed the lot myself! 🙂

  3. says

    One of the best pastry cases I’ve seen, worthy of the extra photos. Not sure if I could manage a full slice without being sick, but I’d give it a good go.

  4. says

    Hi Mark,
    To answer your question I find grating the chocolate results in a much smoother ganache. Adding the butter and cream to hot chocolate can leave lumps of fat in the ganache, at least that’s what I’ve found!

  5. says

    I agree with you – the pastry case looks stunning and put together with a very simple ingredient list – I wonder if the fact that it is salted butter makes a difference on texture. Such a good “go to” recipe for pastry cases and with such a decadent, indulgent filling!

  6. says

    What a delicious looking tart. I love a crisp pastry case like this and the filling sounds divine – I have yet to try out dulce de leche (I know I am late to the game) but this is the kind of thing I know I would love to try out

  7. says

    I would always use salted butter for pastry it just wouldn’t be right without the salt.
    Great bake – lucky work colleagues having a slice.

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