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Layered Ragu and Aubergine Pasta Bake close up

Layered Ragu and Aubergine Pasta Bake

I think I’m part Italian. More likely, I like to think I’m part Italian. The reason for this recent realisation is that Italian food is the food I crave the most; when I’m looking for inspiration I

The Ferry Cookham roast beef

The Ferry Cookham

I hadn’t been to Cookham before having Sunday lunch at The Ferry a few weeks ago. In Berkshire and nestled alongside the Thames it’s a lovely village for a walk around, a nose in a few of the

Horseradish Celeriac Remoulade - close up

Horseradish Celeriac Remoulade

I used to really dislike horseradish, I just didn’t understand why you would want to eat something that makes you pull a face similar to the one you would pull if someone trod on your foot. I had

The Newbury cod with crispy kale

The Newbury Tasting Menu

I have to admit that I am a big fan of a 'Tasting Menu'. An opportunity for the chef and restaurant to show off different styles, techniques and flavours; improved further if there's matching wines to

Spanish Fennel Biscuits with sherry and cheese

Spanish Fennel Biscuits with Cream Cheese and Honey

When I was in Spain I ordered a dessert on the assumption that there had been a translation error on the menu. They can't mean cheese ice cream, surely, they must mean cheeseCAKE ice cream, that'll be

New Store Cupboard Ideas

New Store Cupboard Ideas – March 2017

I have been trying some really interesting products recently; it always makes for a brighter day when your lunch includes something new and different. Always welcome in my kitchen is something

Vegetable Singapore Noodles close up

Vegetable Singapore Noodles

The thing I like most about these vegetable Singapore noodles is that you can throw in whatever you have left in the fridge at the end of the week. Add a few simple store cupboard staples and voila,

Sticky soy chard

Sticky Soy Chard

Chard has such a fantastic earthy flavour and I love using it in all sorts of dishes. I used Swiss chard for this recipe but the rainbow variety would work just as well and look fantastic. My Sticky

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Griddled asparagus

Three ways with Asparagus 2 of 3: Griddled with

The second part of my cookery demo is all about griddled asparagus. This is a great way of cooking asparagus as you can do it on a griddle inside or outside on the BBQ if the weather is on your side! Whichever way you choose you will get a wonderfully smoky, almost nutty flavour to the asparagus. It’s fantastic on its own or on the side with some poached fish, especially with the chive and crème fraîche dip! I like this way of cooking asparagus as you can sort of leave it to its own devices as a little charring on the asparagus adds to the flavour. It also makes a brilliant noise as it cooks, popping all around the pan. This is particularly delicious if served with a poached or fried egg on … [Read More...]