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Olive and Fontina Baked Courgettes close up with antipasti

Olive and Fontina Baked Courgettes

A couple of courgettes turned up in the veg box this week. Although the days have been warm, borderline hot, recently the evenings are still cold reminding me that it’s firmly still spring. I’m

Layered Ragu and Aubergine Pasta Bake close up

Layered Ragu and Aubergine Pasta Bake

I think I’m part Italian. More likely, I like to think I’m part Italian. The reason for this recent realisation is that Italian food is the food I crave the most; when I’m looking for inspiration I

The Ferry Cookham roast beef

The Ferry Cookham

I hadn’t been to Cookham before having Sunday lunch at The Ferry a few weeks ago. In Berkshire and nestled alongside the Thames it’s a lovely village for a walk around, a nose in a few of the

Horseradish Celeriac Remoulade - close up

Horseradish Celeriac Remoulade

I used to really dislike horseradish, I just didn’t understand why you would want to eat something that makes you pull a face similar to the one you would pull if someone trod on your foot. I had

The Newbury cod with crispy kale

The Newbury Tasting Menu

I have to admit that I am a big fan of a 'Tasting Menu'. An opportunity for the chef and restaurant to show off different styles, techniques and flavours; improved further if there's matching wines to

Spanish Fennel Biscuits with sherry and cheese

Spanish Fennel Biscuits with Cream Cheese and Honey

When I was in Spain I ordered a dessert on the assumption that there had been a translation error on the menu. They can't mean cheese ice cream, surely, they must mean cheeseCAKE ice cream, that'll be

New Store Cupboard Ideas

New Store Cupboard Ideas – March 2017

I have been trying some really interesting products recently; it always makes for a brighter day when your lunch includes something new and different. Always welcome in my kitchen is something

Vegetable Singapore Noodles close up

Vegetable Singapore Noodles

The thing I like most about these vegetable Singapore noodles is that you can throw in whatever you have left in the fridge at the end of the week. Add a few simple store cupboard staples and voila,

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Sloe Port

Sloe Port: The Taste Test

My sloe journey started on an early Autumn day when I was full of enthusiasm for making sloe gin. After rambling through the hedgerows, dodging a few rabbit holes and being careful of the thorns I had a basket rammed with sloes. I had romantic visions of sloe picking scenes but in reality it was pretty hard work. Was it worth it? Absolutely. First of all the sloes were steeped in gin. This particular batch included some blackberries which have to be removed after three months to stop them turning bitter. At this point I had a litre of glorious hedgerow gin and some plump, gin filled sloes that couldn't be simply thrown away. They were made into sloe port. The sloe bushes are now in full, … [Read More...]