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Tomato and Mascarpone Gnocchi Bake served up

Tomato and Mascarpone Gnocchi Bake

I think this is a perfect meal in many ways: firstly, it's just the right size for two people; secondly, it's really simple to make; thirdly, it's deliciously vegetarian and full of veg and lastly,

lemon coconut pots - little treats

New Little Treats

I don't want to speak too soon and scare the sunshine away but it might actually now be summer. I've been trying out some lovely new little treats that are great for summer snacking and are easy meal

Squash and Chickpea Tagine with herby cous cous

Squash and Chickpea Tagine

This is actually surprisingly quick to make and I normally have some or most of these ingredients in the kitchen so it’s a great recipe to keep coming back to. My squash and chickpea tagine is a great

Elderflower cucumber and mint mixed with sparkling water

Elderflower, Cucumber and Mint Fizz

The elderflowers are here and it is the best time of year. If I was more of a poet I’d have come up with a second line to go with that. I’ve been shoving elderflowers into various different things for

No 5 Bridge Street parmesan gnocchi

Revisit: No 5 Bridge Street Winchester

I do love Winchester as a city. Compact, historic, quaint and with just about everything you could need (including a fantastic tea shop) all in one place. At the bottom of the main high street there's

Smoky Chipotle Tomato Soup - with tomato bread

Smoky Chipotle Tomato Soup

I made some enchiladas a few weeks ago and added one chipotle chilli for four people. You couldn’t taste it at all; there was a little bit of smoky flavour but no chilli heat; it wasn’t the end of the

Urbangrains Hamper Giveaway prize

Urbangrains Hamper Giveaway

You know when you go on holiday you can try some food or ingredients that are so wonderful and you just know you won't be able to find the same thing when you get back home. If you're lucky, you can

New snacks for Spring group

New snacks for Spring

It's time to put the jumpers away and dust off the summer clothes. Almost, it's still pretty cold in the mornings! I find this time of year is when I start to try more new things, especially in the

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baked Rhubarb and Elderflower Crumble

Rhubarb and Elderflower Crumble

Elderflower has been an ever present flavour throughout my life. When I was younger it was always such a treat when we had a bottle of elderflower cordial or pressé in the fridge. I would relish the flavour trying to make it last as long as possible. I remember making ice lollies in the summer; orange juice, blackcurrant squash or lemonade but it was always the extraordinary elderflower lollies that got eaten first. Elderflower seemed rare, elusive and exclusive.    Last year on a foraging trip I found some elderberries which meant only one thing: a few more months and I could finally pick fresh elderflowers. I had been waiting to pick some for as long as I can remember and that time has … [Read More...]