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Christmas Food and Gift Guide

2016 Christmas Food and Gift Guide

This year’s Christmas food and gift guide is full of different products to try! A little collection of tasty treats and foodie gifts to give you a few ideas. If I find anything else I think is worth

Granny's Oat Biscuits - pile

Granny’s Oat Biscuits

When I was young I baked with my Granny at any opportunity. She's got mad cooking skills and will beat anything together that looks like it's not going to work, portion up a raw chicken to freeze in

New in the Kitchen November

New in the Kitchen November

November has certainly let us know it's arrived! The weather has definitely got colder and the trees are all almost bear. That means that the cooking has changed in my kitchen. It's all about comfort

Burley Manor entrance

Burley Manor – An Autumn Weekend Escape

A night away is a real treat; one where you have gone far enough that you’re away from home but not so far that you get bored of driving. The New Forest is much closer to me than I had previously

Lime, Thyme and Quince Gin Cocktail - ready to drink

Lime, Thyme and Quince Gin Cocktail

I made my quince gin as a way to use some of those delicious fuzzy fruits that grow in the garden. The gin has come out a wonderful, pale canary yellow colour and makes a divine gin and tonic. It is

Lemon and Black Pepper Cod with Balsamic Roasted Vegetables and Rice, close up

Balsamic Roasted Vegetables and Lemon and Black Pepper Cod with Birds Eye

When I'm thinking of ways to treat myself in the middle of the week I like to try and make my life as easy as possible. I prefer to make things where everything is cooked together, or use the same

Bar Centro - black garlic celeriac and chicken salad

Bar Centro Gothenburg

First and foremost I must start by telling you that all the food in Gothenburg is really rather good. My top tip is to make sure you eat out with as many people as possible so you can nick food off

Quince Gin

Quince Gin

Having put quinces through their baking paces (adding them to crumbles or baking them with honey) I wanted to see how else I could use them. Steeping them with gin seemed like a logical step; the

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Boozy Hot Chocolate with Nutmeg…

Marshmallows have always scared me a little; I thought they were terribly complicated to make and completely not worth the time. As it turns out they take nowhere near as much time or effort as I anticipated and they are so much better than any marshmallow I have had before. So to end my series of festive posts this makes a great winter evening drink. Add a little rum for the adults and a little extra milk for the children, a marshmallow in the mug and even better if you have some forks and an open fire to toast the rest. You will need (for two hot chocolates): 60g 70% dark chocolate 50ml rum, whisky or Cointreau 225ml whole milk You will need (for the marshmallows): 1 tbsp icing … [Read More...]