Strawberry, Mint and Elderflower Mini Crumbles

A crumble to me has a whiff of autumn about it. Apple crumble is a classic pudding but a while ago I tried a strawberry crumble and it was so good I couldn’t wait to give it a try myself. This is a pudding form of my previous cocktail post; a mixture of strawberries, mint and elderflower syrup but under a biscuity crust. The ingredients in this crumble scream of summer and the smell of cooking strawberries and buttery crumble is irresistible.
strawberry and elderflower crumble

You will need (for two mini crumbles):
200g strawberries
A few sprigs of mint
Elderflower syrup
75g butter
175g flour
50g golden caster sugar and a little extra

strawberry and elderflower crumble

Start by chopping the strawberries up into halves, quarters, slices and all sizes so that you have a varied texture when the crumble is cooked. Put the strawberries into a little dish or ramekin, until it’s just over three quarters full, then sprinkle over a few chopped mint leaves. Drizzle over a little elderflower syrup; I used around a tablespoon for each ramekin. 

strawberry and elderflower crumble all that i'm eating (1 of 4) (3)

In another bowl mix together the flour and butter with your hands until you have a mix that resembles breadcrumbs. Then stir in the sugar. Top each little strawberry filled dish with the crumble and then sprinkle over a little extra sugar on top.
Put the dishes onto a baking tray and then into a preheat oven at 180C for 30-40 minutes or until golden brown on top.

strawberry and elderflower crumble all that i'm eating (1 of 4) (1)

I love that the strawberry juices leaked out over the edges, it makes you want to dive in and see what’s going on underneath the buttery crust. The strawberries broke down to make a gooey, sweet, red, fruit filling. The elderflower added its own flavour and slight syrupiness and the mint a fantastic freshness. The best bit, of course, is where the fruit meets the crumble; it was like strawberry jam covered shortbread. Surprisingly light and full of flavour this was a wonderful summer treat.


  1. says

    cocktails are great from time to time, but i’ll always take a cobbler over a beverage! i like this use of those ingredients much better. 🙂

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