Zillionaire’s Shortbread

The New Year is always full of optimism, resolutions and excitement. What is your resolution this year? Some people choose dieting/getting healthy/losing weight as their resolution and to those of you reading this who may have just started their path to a healthier lifestyle, I apologise. This recipe is not for those who strive for a smaller waist. This is pure, unashamed indulgence; layers of buttery shortbread sandwiched with dulce de leche, topped with salted caramel and dark chocolate.
Zillionaires Shortbread

You will need (for a very hefty weight of shortbread):
250g butter
150g sugar
400g plain flour

397g can dulce de leche

For the salted caramel:
200g margarine
2 tbsp golden syrup
½ small can condensed milk
150g caster sugar

200g dark chocolate

making the caramel
Start by preheating the oven to 170C and then grease and line a large dish. I had one that was 23cm x 23cm but something wide will do. Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy and then mix in the flour until it forms a dough. Take half of the dough and press into the bottom of the dish. Put this into the oven for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and spread the dulce de leche on top. Top this with the remaining shortbread and return to the oven for around 25 minutes or until pale golden brown.
layering up zillionaires shortbread
About 10 minutes before the shortbread is ready start to make the caramel. Put all of the ingredients for the salted caramel into a pan; put in as much or little salt as you would like. Heat the ingredients together slowly until the sugar has dissolved and then bring to the boil. Boil for 7-8 minutes, stirring continuously, until it has slightly darkened in colour and is a little thicker.
Zillionaires Shortbread
Remove the shortbread from the oven and while still hot cover the top with the salted caramel. Leave to cool; mine took around three hours, it holds its heat well! When cooled, melt the chocolate and then pour this onto the salted caramel. Leave to cool again before cutting into pieces.
Zillionaires Shortbread
The dark days of January call for a little treat now and again. This last week I have got home from work, made a cup of tea and enjoyed a little slice of this. I think the name adds to the enjoyment; much rather Zillionaire’s Shortbread than Millionaire’s. There’s nothing I’d do to improve it; crunchy shortbread, sweet sticky dulce de leche, chewy salted caramel and deep, dark chocolate. It is unbelievably filling and would feed a small army; probably one of my favourite things I have ever made.


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    Wow, this looks amazing. I am (too) familiar with Millionaire’s shortbread (aka, Wellington Square’s in our house), but have not made some in a while. I don’t suppose I will now for some time but might manage to persuade myself that it would be OK for Easter!

    My question is this … how much salt did you yourself use in the caramel? I will use that as my starting guide. I want to be able to taste the salt but don’t want to ruin it! Thanks.

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    Hello Sheila!

    I put in about half a teaspoon of crushed rock salt. As I was making the caramel I dipped a spoon in (waited for it to cool!) and gave it a try. You might find you need more or less depending on your salt tolerances.

    Definitely worth a try, it’s lasted for AGES!

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    Who cares about diets! When you get something like this in front of you it is impossible to say no. You have made these perfectly.
    Happy new year!

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    Will I become a Zillionaire this year if I eat this?! Or maybe it’s food fit for Zillionaires. In any case it looks great and despite feeling I need to part with sweets for a bit this is pretty compelling!

    Incidentally had you on my mind when posting a Downton Abbey recipe yesterday in honor of Season 3 starting this weekend in the U.S. Pop by and see if you think I nailed the show or not.

    Wishing you the best of all things this year my friend!

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    That is a very fantastic shortbread. I luv it! That would be something to try, that is, when I can get all the ingredients.
    About the new year … hmmmmmmmm … as long as I am still alive I should be satisfied.

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    This is pure indulgence indeed…you could fall off the bandwagon just looking at it…fortunately my new year’s resolution was not a slimming one so I’d dive right in! 🙂

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    Love your recipe for Zillionaire’s shortbread Caroline. I fear it would not last long in my house at all. I’m such a glutton. I no longer make NY resolutions as I have zero willpower!
    Good for you for bucking the trend 🙂

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    hi caroline, happy new year to you! I dont make any resolutions but i want to sleep more as the new year begins..LOL! This is sinfully delicious, having that dulce de leche as ingredient is already very tempting !

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    Wow Caroline, this look delicious, love all the layers and they are perfect together…I so wish I had a slice of this treat.
    Happy New Year and have a great week ahead!

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    Happy New Year!This definitely looks like a dessert to indulge in!Love dulce-de-leche and the chocolate just makes it so so good 🙂

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