Coffee and Chocolate Shortbread

I have been meaning to make some shortbread for a while but things just seem to get in the way and before I know it I’m tucked up in bed thinking, “Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be shortbread day”, it seemed to be a never ending cycle. However many things happen I always try to make time to bake a biscuit; there’s nothing else that can fill the void like making a homemade treat. To bring about my biscuit making I set about creating a coffee chocolate shortbread.
chocolate and coffee shortbread kopi all that i'm eating

Kopi sent me some coffee and instead of making a mug of coffee and telling you about it I wanted to mix it up in something tasty! I like the idea of Kopi coffee; you sign up and get a different coffee sent to you each month. I was sent Sumatra Aceh Organic and it was deep and smooth with a little hint of bitterness but not too much. It formed a distinct crema layer on top with no effort on my part; I’ve been told a good crema is the sign of a good coffee. 

You will need (for 12 fingers):
180g plain flour
1 tbsp cocoa powder
50g caster sugar
150g softened butter
40g dark chocolate, finely chopped
10g ground coffee
chocolate and coffee shortbread kopi all that i'm eating

Preheat your oven to 160C and grease a baking dish; I’ve used round, square and rectangular for this mixture before and all work well. Put all of the ingredients into a large bowl and beat together until they form a dough. Press the dough into the tin then prick the top of the shortbread with a fork. Bake for 45 minutes. Remove from the oven and mark into pieces then leave to cool before removing the shortbread from the dish.

chocolate and coffee shortbread kopi all that i'm eating

I liked that you could see the coffee grounds in the shortbread and the smell during baking was amazing! Chocolate and coffee are well known partners and I enjoyed their marriage in these little shortbreads. I really enjoyed the coffee itself too, it’s long gone now, and I think it would be a great thing to get through the post each month. Fingers crossed that things have calmed down for me for a little while and I can get back to biscuit baking.
Thanks to Kopi for the sample. All opinions expressed are my own. 


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    I delved into the world of shortbread a few weeks ago and am now wondering what took me so long to get into it! This coffee chocolate flavor combo sounds awesome.

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    That would go perfectly with my morning espresso, really great combination coffee and chocolate, and looks perfect.

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    That is so lovely. Good to know about this crema, too.
    I guess, I simply have to go to the kitchen and reproduce this shortbread. I think there is no better way to fight depression. I have been neglecting this for a while. That’s why I’m not feeling so well.
    Thanks for the help!

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    Oh yes, brilliant. Using the actual ground coffee is such a good idea. I can imagine it would give additional interest to the texture as well as flavour.

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    I love how far your blog has come. I believe I first read your blog in 2010/2011, and have recently rediscovered it. You stay true to yourself and provide fun, honest posts.

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    What a scrumptious creation. 🙂 I love chocolate and coffee together. Even better when these flavors are into the shortbread. How awesome to receive some free coffee to try. And I love you use it in a treat and not just a cup of coffee.

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    What a wonderful flavor combination for your shortbread. Wish I had a few of your cookies to snack on with my evening cup of tea 🙂

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    Ooooh….love this coffee shortbread cos I love coffee. I’ll probably finish it all in a day if I make. They look sooooo good. I’ll go with lots of coffee….double dose of coffee 😀 Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you have a great weekend and more fun baking!


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