A Trip to Cornwall

It's a few hours in the car for us to get down to Cornwall. My other half's grandmother lives there so it's always nice to go down to see her and smell the sea air. On this particular adventure we arrived to the smell of fresh baking in the house and discovered that we were to be treated to a Cornish feast. The first evening comprised saffron buns (bready, a glorious orange and with saffron and dried fruit), figgy hobbin (sultanas wrapped in pastry Read more

The Cornish Pasty

The Cornish pasty is an absolute classic. If you're ever in Cornwall you won't be far from one, you'll probably smell it before you see it. Originally from humble origins the pasty is now a celebrated meat and vegetable filled pastry. For those who don't know the pasty was the food of Cornish miners. The way it is folded over (with a thick edge of pastry on one side) meant that the miners didn't have to put their hands in their mouths when eating. Read more