Elderflower and Lemon Ice Lollies

We’ve been so lucky with the weather recently, fingers crossed it continues! Sat outside in the sun on a lovely day there’s nothing quite as refreshing as an ice lolly; especially one you can slurp enthusiastically at being ever so proud that you’ve made it yourself. I find that adding cordial to an ice lolly inevitably results in much stronger concentrations of cordial at the bottom and faint flavour at the top. The added lemon zest in these elderflower lollies means they have flavour throughout.
Elderflower and Lemon Ice Lollies - All That I'm Eating (1 of 2)

You will need:
Ice lolly mould
Elderflower cordial (recipe here but the season is over now so you could use shop bought)
Zest of 1 lemon

Make up the elderflower cordial a little stronger than you would if you were drinking it.
Put the lemon zest into the bottom of each mould and top up with the diluted cordial.
Freeze, wait and enjoy!

You might have to try and convince people that it’s not just water you’ve frozen but as soon as they try them they’ll be glad they did! Elderflower is so distinctive and the lemon and lemongrass already in the cordial work so well with the added lemon zest. Floral, easy, zesty and refreshing, like a little piece of frozen summer.


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    We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather too. It’s hot, but not as beastly as it could be, and much less humid that it often is. So life is good. But it’d be better with some of these lollies! Anything with lemon has my number. Good stuff — thanks.

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