Double Sausage, Cheese and Egg Muffin

What’s your guilty pleasure? I have to confess I very much enjoy a particular sausage, cheese and egg muffin from a well known fast food restaurant. I know, shameful. However I am admitting it now as part of trying to cleanse my system. I liked the idea behind the aforementioned muffin; a sausage and egg sandwich really. In order to still enjoy this behemoth breakfast (without the guilt) I needed to try and make my own version. Not only was I going to attempt to fill my guilty pleasure gap I was going to improve on the original.
sausage and egg muffin

You will need (for two):
4 cumberland burgers
2 eggs
2 thick slices of mild cheddar cheese
2 muffins

cumberland burgers and free range eggs

I was lucky to be able to get these cumberland burgers from the farmers’ market and without them it wouldn’t have been the same. I reckon you could make cumberland burgers if you can’t get them by squeezing the sausage meat out of some nice sausages and making burger shapes.
Start by frying the burgers until brown on the outside and cooked through. Meanwhile get another pan on the heat to fry the egg in. I fried my egg inside an upside down pastry cutter so it was the same size as the muffin. Maybe a bit unnecessary but I didn’t want odd shaped egg white hanging out of my muffin; it would have ruined the effect! When the egg is almost ready and the yolk still gooey get the muffins toasting.

sausage and egg muffin cooking

For the last minute or so of cooking the burgers put a slice of cheese onto two of them so that the cheese starts to melt. When it’s all ready assemble the burgers as so from the bottom up: muffin, burger with cheese on, other burger, egg, muffin. Then give it all a nice squeeze to get the egg yolk and juices flowing.
The idea behind this was about the use of quality ingredients. The burgers, egg and cheese were all local and very good quality making the whole thing so much better.

sausage and egg muffin

We actually had this for dinner which I have since been told is referred to as ‘brinner’. Lovely. Never again will I buy this in a sad greaseproof wrapper because I know I can make it both bigger and better. I’m not sure I’ve ever made anything quite so filling; the hash browns were entirely unnecessary. I was very pleased with my efforts and can confirm that this is the best brinner I’ve ever had.


  1. says

    Oh gosh this looks good. I’ll admit to having eaten the fast food version of these years ago, but really years ago (at least 10) and your version just looks lush. Love that you fried the eggs inside upside down pastry cutters!

  2. says

    I can’t believe I have never even thought of making my own version of the “fast food” breakfast, and of course it it possible!
    And yours look soooo much better! Think it might be time to have a brunch party and this would be perfect!

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