Pea and Lettuce Soup – a farewell to Summer

I just spent the last week in Dorset. It had me positively wanting to don my walking boots, breathe the fresh air – slightly tainted by manure – and whistle Greig’s Morgenstimmung all day long. Fortunately, my dignity stayed in tact. I was also hampered by the fact I don’t own walking boots and will only walk if there is the promise of food and drink at the other end.
They are so proud of their food down there and Dorset cheeses were offered everywhere I went. They are most excellent. As an homage to Summer, on an almost scorching September day a soup was needed. I found the following things around and about:

ingredients for lettuce soup

A lettuce, an onion, some peas, butter and some mint. I chopped them all up ready to commence some soupyness. First and foremost, fry the onions in a large knob of butter. Butter makes it better.

lettuce cooking down

Put the cut up lettuce in with the fried onions and let it wilt.

pea and lettuce mix

After this, add some peas. I had about 200g or so left but I’m sure it won’t matter that much. I gave the peas a little chance to warm up in the pan.

pea and lettuce with red onions and stock

If you have some fresh or frozen stock to hand you are a better person than me. I resorted to the good old stock cube and then added enough water to cover. Leave it for 10 minutes or so.
blended pea and lettuce soup

Get the blender out. I prefer mine as smooth as I can get it.

I’m guessing there were about 4kcal in the whole soup (ignore the butter, it makes it better after all) and I am no good at not eating calories. Cheese on toast was to accompany my green soup. It looks a bit patchy I admit but it’s the best I could do with the distinct lack of cheese in the fridge.

finished pea and lettuce soup with cheese on toast

I for one can’t wait for the Autumn stews, roasts, soups, root vegetables and warming food.
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