Review: Norwegian Skrei Cod in a simple Butter and Parsley Sauce

I don’t get to eat much fish at home as the OH isn’t a fan of anything with gills and I certainly can’t be bothered to make something different for both of us! Now I’m working from home I can have all sorts of things for lunch. The mind boggles. In reality it’s almost always toast but I was offered some Skrei cod to try and I thought it would make my midday meal much more exciting.
Skrei Cod in Butter and Parsley - All That I'm Eating 2

Skrei is a much loved Norwegian delicacy. Skrei must be caught fully grown and meet the strict quality standards to be labelled as such. This source of cod is a sustainable one and most of the Skrei are line caught. You can read more about Skrei via an article from Hugh’s Fish Fight here.
I didn’t want to mess around and over complicate this delicate fish so I cooked it very simply. I fried a piece in a little olive oil and butter only flipping it once to prevent it breaking up.
When the cod was almost ready I added a little extra butter, some salt and pepper and a small handful of parsley to make a quick sauce.

Skrei Cod in Butter and Parsley - All That I'm Eating

As I’m no expert in cooking fish I was really pleased how this turned out. The cod was lovely and thick, nice and firm, but fell apart with the slightest nudge from a fork. The flakes that it fell into were huge and you could see the texture of the flesh really clearly. The simple butter and parsley sauce worked a treat as it didn’t distract from the flavour of the cod itself. If you would like to try it for yourself it’s only available between January and April each year and you can get it from Harrods, Booths or ask your local fishmonger.
Thank you to Bray Leino for the Skrei samples. All opinions expressed are my own.


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    Your arrangement with the OH sounds very like ours. I don’t eat any seafood, so my wife waits until I’m out of the house to eat fish. I can detect it though – I can smell fish at 100 paces!

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    I was in Norway some time back and yes, amazing dishes with salmon. Though they were not my fav, my other half loved every-bit of everything we had. Just that amount of ingredients and flavors brought out a delicious fish dish.

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    I’ve had loads of cod, but I don’t believe I’ve ever had Skrei. I should check at my fishmonger’s to see if they carry it! Looks wonderful, and I love the simple preparation.

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    Mmm a thumbs up from this Norwegian here 😀 My favourite way of preparing “torsk” is simply to boil it in heavily salted water, and serve it with boiled potatoes and carrots, and melted butter to pour over, divine! And it certainly brings back a lot of good childhood memories. This looks delicious 😀 x

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