Happy 3rd Blog Birthday

Happy third blog birthday to me. And a big thank you to you for sticking with it! What a three years it has been and how things have changed. I have learnt a lot and had some great experiences thanks to this blog. And so to celebrate I have the (what I have dubbed) All That I’m Eating Top Ten Eats. Here’s my most popular posts since day one.

1. Chicken and Chorizo Tartlets

chicken and chorizo tart
I loved these little tarts as they were so easy to make and it meant I could use my little tart tins too. A great way to use up leftover chicken. Recipe here.
2. Chocolate Concrete
chocolate concrete
This is one of my all time favourite recipes and I make it frequently. As you can tell the photos for this aren’t great as it was taken in the days where I was still using my phone. Recipe here.
3. Zillionaire’s Shortbread 
zillionaires shortbread
I didn’t make this very long ago and it has gone down a storm. Not hard to see why! This is probably the tastiest, heaviest (in weight!) and most indulgent thing I have baked. Recipe here.
4. Victoria Sponge with Balsamic Strawberry Jam
victoria sponge balsamic jam
Adding a little balsamic vinegar to some strawberry jam was a marvellous idea if I do say so myself. A classic sponge with a bit of a twist. Recipe here.
5. Purple Cabbage Soup
purple cabbage soup
Purple cabbage is always a bit of a tricky vegetable to have around but this soup keeps the colour and texture vibrant. Recipe here.
6. The Real Italian Pizza Company at Bath
real italian pizza co
A pretty average meal so I’m surprised that this is at number 6! Review here.
7. Curried Squash Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
curried squash soup
This soup was made as a final attempt to try and enjoy squash. It was quite successful but I think that’s because there were plenty of other flavours to mask the squash; it was awfully pretty though. Recipe here.
8. Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding
hot cross bun bread and butter pudding
Hot Cross Buns can get a bit tiresome in the Spring but this bread and butter pudding is a great way to use some up. Even better to mask a less than satisfactory attempt at making your own! Recipe here
9. Sloe Port – How to use leftover Sloes
sloe port
Making your own sloe gin is a fantastic thing to do but you will inevitably end up with gin soaked sloes at the end of it. What do you do with them? Make sloe port of course! Recipe here.
10. Elderflower and White Chocolate Shortbread
elderflower shortbread
I made some elderflower sugar last year and had a great time experimenting with things to use it in. This elderflower and white chocolate shortbread was wonderful. Recipe here.
I don’t think I shall be baking a cake to celebrate as I won’t have the time! However, cheers to you for the past three food filled years and here’s to the next three. 


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    Bravo! Enjoy your blog a lot, and I’m really appreciative of the support you gave when I had just started mine. I’m still only half-way to three years! Hope you carry on posting and enjoying it for a long time yet.

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    Congrats on three years, Caroline! I am still waiting for the moment when it won’t be dangerous to make those millionaire bars. I live alone, and ‘danger’ of this sort lurks behind every pantry door, it seems.

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    hi caroline, congratulations on your 3rd blog birthday! i can see why the above are your popular posts, they all look great and fabulous..the zillionaire shortbread looks too delicious..haha..and i’m sure there are many more delicious posts in your blog. Great job!

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    Happy 3rd blogiversary Caroline! What a great milestone! I enjoyed seeing your popular posts from your blog. I can’t wait for the strawberry season to come and try adding balsamic vinegar to strawberry jam!

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