Blood Orange Bucks Fizz

A new house and a new kitchen, a tricky transition I find. What will the oven be like; a brute or a wimp? It turns out the oven is a pretty good one although I am yet to bake a cake and discover its true character. We have managed to save enough space to have a pantry; something I’ve always wanted. There are a few boxes yet to be unpacked and a few more bits of furniture to be put in place but progress has been good. So, with all the unpacking, swearing, cleaning and tidying there had to be time for a beautiful breakfast.

Blood orangesYou will need (for two glasses):
One blood orange
Small bottle Champagne

Blood Orange Bucks Fizz

It’s not a tricky one this and therefore perfect to knock up on a sleepy Sunday morning. Juice the blood orange and put half the juice into each glass then top up with Champagne; I’m sure Prosecco or sparkling white would work just as well. Who’s going to care on a Sunday morning?
I was quite surprised at the colour of the finished drink; almost luminous pink. It tasted wonderfully fresh with the perfect amount of bubbles and a nice twang of booze to tickle the throat.

mushrooms on toast
I must confess that mushrooms on toast, although simple, it one of my favourite breakfasts. If it was topped with a perfectly poached egg and some rich hollandaise sauce I couldn’t be happier. It is a treat I think, and a well-deserved one, to have a breakfast you wouldn’t normally have. Even better if it’s eaten on a new table, in a new lounge, with new plates and cutlery. It’s all very exciting so here’s to many more breakfasts to come. Cheers.


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    oh, enjoy your new home!… discovering a new kitchen is always so daunting but whack the heat up and bung a chicken in there and you’ll soon feel at home… the bucks fizz is an amazing idea and with the blood orange it looks stunning… and as for the mushrooms on toast… is there really anything more wonderful?

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    Oh happy new home – and kitchen. I agree, very daunting. I move as soon as the oven needs cleaning so I know very well! Blood orange bucks fizz, amazing. Beautiful colour and yes, mushrooms on toast, fantastic.

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    I love it when blood oranges are in season – your drink sounds refreshing and delicious. I know what you mean about getting to know your oven. My oven and I have been together for 6 years now and understand one another. Hope your oven relationship is harmonious 🙂

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    Brings back memories when I moved to my new house many years ago. It took me 1 month to put everything in place. Meanwhile we were too having simple meals.

    Lovely drink and I would love to try out. I think I would add wine because champagne is pretty expensive. The toast is great start for the day.

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    I’m so glad that you are moved in and getting close to being settled. I am certain you will begin to really enjoy your new kitchen soon!

    We will be making a Blood Orange Cosmo cocktail for an upcoming party- can’t wait!

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    Hi Caroline – This sounds like one tasty mimosa! Thanks a bunch for swinging by SAC and checking out the quinoa sliders. You have a great writing style, and great photos, so I’m looking forward to following more!

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    ooh yes, an egg on top and a deliciously rich sauce would be so yummy. i am crazy for mushrooms. the man, not so much, but i get them into dishes from time to time. i don’t think he’d go for mushrooms on toast though… but who cares? more for me.
    that drink is so pretty, too. i would prob tell the hubs there’s mushrooms in there, too, just to keep the “small bottle” to myself! …hmm, do i have a greed problem? 😉

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    congrats on the new place! good luck with all the unpacking! i just decided i making the bucks fizz this weekend – i’m obsessed with blood oranges right now and your drink sounds like the perfect way to use them! honestly, i’m also in love with the mushrooms on toast and egg idea so i’ll probably just be making this whole post

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    The colors of bucks fizz look amazing, and the mushrooms on toast seems like a pretty cool breakfast, I wouldn’t mind having some…oh, and congratulations on your new home!

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