Orange and Caraway Cake

I didn’t mean to make this cake. I was sat there minding my own business and my mind started to wander. It wandered into realms of freshly baked things, delicious wafting scents and warm moist sponge. My imagination ran away with me and before I knew it my hands and arms were creeping in to the fridge and searching for butter and eggs.
There have been many times where I’ve fancied something in particular and invariably I never have what I need to fulfil my requirements. But this time I did. I was having one of those days where I just needed a bit of warm cake; a spontaneous bake if you will. It was also one of those days where a plain sponge just wouldn’t do; I wanted some spice in my life and so this orange and caraway cake was born.
Orange and caraway cake
You will need:
250g butter
250g caster sugar
4 eggs
250g self raising flour
Zest and juice of one orange
1 1/2 tsp caraway seeds, toasted
Extra caster sugar
Start by creaming together the butter and sugar. This always takes longer than I think it will but I don’t even think about adding the eggs until it’s light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time making sure they are fully mixed in before adding the next. Fold in the flour, orange zest and caraway seeds and then pour into a prepared loaf tin. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 45-50 minutes.
Once cooked remove from the oven and turn out onto a cooling rack. Using a skewer pierce the top of the sponge all over to about two thirds of the way down into the sponge. While the sponge is cooling mix together the orange juice and a few teaspoons of caster sugar until you have a thick glaze. Drizzle the orange glaze all over the top of the cake making sure you get some inside each of the holes. 

Orange and caraway cake - sliced
For something that was whipped up in a frantic ‘I want cake and I want it now’ situation I couldn’t be more pleased. I was quite upset at the top of the cake; it didn’t sink in the middle that’s just how it came out after it was upturned on the cooling rack. The orange and caraway were great together and the orange juice drizzling down into the centre of the sponge made for a citrus surprise while eating.
I am going to put it out there that this is possibly the best cake I’ve ever made. I don’t know if it was because of the flavour combination, the fact that it supplied an insatiable demand that I had at that particular time or because I’ve finally learnt what butter and sugar look like when properly creamed. Whichever it was this cake is now the forerunner of many more cakes to come.


  1. says

    I am hoping that my baking skills can improve so that I can also bake as great as you. The problem is there’s no one at home who enjoy cakes and desserts.

    This cake looks so moist and baked to a wonderful finishing.

  2. says

    Ooh I love it when you’re in the mood to bake and everything is sitting there waiting! I had a very similar moment not too long ago when I was in the mood for crumble! The cake does look fantastic, You’r more than welcome to send a slice over here 😉

  3. says

    Oh my, you certainly reached for all the right ingredients. This cake looks wonderfully moist and very delicious. It would be perfect with a nice cup of coffee or tea. Blessings, Catherine xo

  4. says

    This is a cake worth remembering. Orange and toasted caraway seeds sound like a perfect pairing. I do love cakes that come together on a spontaneous note!
    Thanks so much for entering it into One Ingredient xx

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