Greengage and Almond Ice Cream

When I planted my goldengage tree it was more out of curiosity and fascination than potential fruit volume. The fruit that I cannot get elsewhere or the rarer varieites are those that I chose to plant. My goldengage is in its second year and it produced seven fruits. I picked the two ripest and quartered them to share so that we could all enjoy a slice of this evasive plum. It was the most honeyed and nectarous of all the plums I had ever had. My quince is in its third year and has thus far given me nothing. Both trees have given me a wonderful blossom but with the weather and what not this hasn’t been my year.
Greengage and Almond Ice Cream
Perhaps I am a little strange but I like to think my trees have personalities. The old apple tree is always top of the class; plenty of fruit but none that is particularly flavoursome. The apples are meant for pies and crumbles not really for eating. My goldengage seems to be the one that always tries really hard but makes a few mistakes. The quince seems to be a stubborn brute but you just know that when it does fruit there’ll be more than I know what to do with.
Greengage and Almond Ice Cream - greengages

I am very fortunate that my local greengrocer shares my passion for the slightly unusual. They can’t go too far into the bizarre for fear of scaring away all their customers but they do try to get quinces, medlars, mulberries and the like. The lady who runs the shop is almost more enthusiastic than me about greengages. She has tried to get the golden but they are rarer than anything. I will happily settle for green if golden isn’t around. And for the perfect summer dessert my Greengage and Almond Ice Cream is just the ticket.

You will need:
500g greengages
250ml ready made custard
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp water
Small handful flaked almonds
Greengage and Almond Ice Cream - seed inside

Put the greengages into a pan with the water and sugar and heat until the gages are softened and have released their stones. Remove the stones from the pan and allow the fruit mixture to cool. Toast some of the flaked almonds in a dry pan until golden brown. When the fruit has cooled, mix in the almonds and the custard and then put in an ice cream machine for about half an hour and then into the freezer. If you don’t have an ice cream machine put it straight into the freezer and then remove every half an hour, mix and refreeze until frozen.

If you want more of a sorbet then add less custard, if you want it more creamy then add more custard. In my experience almost anything will turn into ice cream given enough persuasion; I’ve not tried swede yet but here’s hoping. If you do try a sorbet you might need to add a little glucose syrup to give it a better texture. We ate the ice cream after it had been in the freezer for about two hours and it was perfect. This made enough ice cream for four people to have a nice big scoop. 
Greengage and Almond Ice Cream - greengage mix

Brain freeze seems inevitable when eating ice cream. I really truly hate it and so try to take my time when devouring cold things. This was no exception and what a great ice cream to take time over. The custard is such a great shortcut and lends its creaminess and slight vanilla flavour so well to the gages. The gages were subtle but singing with very slight tartness coming from the skins. The almonds added a lovely texture and background tone. I tried to keep the gages slightly sharp so that they could be tasted amongst the other flavours.

Greengage and Almond Ice Cream

If you’ve ever wondered why almonds and cherries or plums are such good culinary friends then I hope that my picture above goes some way to explaining why. Get yourself a plum stone and crack it open. Inside the stone is what I will call a nugget. A nugget of the most intense almond flavour you can imagine. I’m not sure they are edible so don’t take my word for it but I’ve eaten a few and despite them being very bitter the almond flavour is almost overwhelming. Every day is a school day.


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    I do enjoy greengages a lot – I had some for dessert this evening – but I’ve never thought of making an ice cream with them. Lovely idea. I’m sure that I was told once that plum stones could be used to make hydrogen cyanide. I’m not sure that’s true but it’s enough to scare me off.

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    This is a new fruit for me! Plum for me is a plum, yellow or purple. I love to read your posts and discover new things (sorry for reapeting the same thing again about your posts). This ice-cream must have a very interesting flavour. Different.

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    Thank you so very much for the comment on my post “Garden Gal!” I’m glad I got to share my favorite room in my apartment with you! I have to say… I really enjoyed this post! All summer I have been dying for a fruit tree and I loved hearing about your plants!


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    My greengrocer stocks hard to come by fruits for a short time and has only a small box on show – I think this is to encourage us all to try something new. I think your ice cream machine has done a magnificent job and given you a splendid greengage and almond ice cream you can’t buy in the shops.

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    aw how cute that you give all these trees personalities! And yes almonds do just go so beautifully and perfectly with plums and cherries. I’m a firm believer of the fact that things that grow together, go together, this is one example (:

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    How great to have several fruit trees! I wish I could grow some fruit. I have a loquat tree that does well enough, but that’s it. The plum and almond ice cream sounds delicious!

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    Wow, I love all the things you make, I have never heard of half the ingredients you use, but you get me intrigued, and I look them up. This looks great!

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