Blackcurrant Pancakes

Apparently you should breakfast like a King. Despite not having continuous supply of quail’s eggs, truffle bread and gold leaf (I imagine that’s what they have to start the day) my weekday breakfasts are never very exciting. It doesn’t help that I don’t give myself enough time in the mornings to make anything exceptional but at the weekends I try to make a little more effort.
Stack of pancakes

Sunday arrived and brought with it a craving for pancakes. I had bought some blackcurrants at the market; as one of my favourite berries they are irresistible to me. I’m not sure what it is about them, perhaps their distinct flavour, that makes me love them so much. It would have been rude not to include some for breakfast. 

pancakes drizzled in honey

You will need (for about 16 pancakes):
200g self raising flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
40g sugar
1 egg (beaten)
20g melted butter
275ml milk
150g blackcurrants (topped and tailed)

Blackcurrant Pancakes - blackcurrants

As with most delicious things some preparation is needed. You may know by now that I enjoy topping and tailing berries, de-stoning fruits and podding beans but for those that haven’t done it (or don’t enjoy it) it gives a great opportunity for conversation or watching your favourite television programme.
Sieve together the powders and sugar and then mix in the melted butter and egg. Whisk in the milk to form a batter and then add two thirds of the berries to the mix. Heat up a little butter in a pan and drop in 1-2 tbsp batter to form little pancakes. Leave the pancakes until you start seeing bubbles appear on the surface before flipping over. Fry until golden brown on both sides. 

Blackcurrant Pancakes - cut open to the middle

When they’re ready keep them warm until you have enough to make a stack. Smother them in golden syrup or honey before tucking in. The blackcurrants had a different flavour in the pancakes as when they cook they burst releasing their colour and flavour into the mixture. The pancakes have lovely, sticky, crimson spots all over them which are a joy to burst in your mouth. Wonderfully fluffy pancakes with tart, succulent berries and sweet, hugging golden syrup all rounded off with a nice cup of coffee; a great start to a Sunday.


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    I haven’t tried pancakes with blackcurrants. Normally i use blueberries. I shall have to wait until next year now for my blackcurrants to start producing again. However, I so have a neighbour with a continuous supply of quail eggs.

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    I made something similar to this last weekend (but using blueberries, as several other commenters have said), but I made my batter into “Drop Scones” which are basically like thick pancakes. I put the blueberries in once one side had been browned. After cooking for only a minute or two the blueberries go soft and ooze out into the scone/pancake. Lovely! 🙂 P.S. Serve with Maple syrup.

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    You are the complete opposite to me then – I find topping and tailing laborious! All your patience has rewarded you with a fab breakfast.

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    these are looking so great! i always think it’s a little hard to capture pictures of pancakes but you managed to snap it so well, i love your pictures especially the first one, looks like it’s coming out from a food magazine and adding blackcurrants to the mix, sounds yum!

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    Sad to say I am not a breakfast person, a drink will do for me.

    Of course, breakfast is a must and I should start having breakfast. Beautiful currants, paired for a healthy breakfast with the pancakes.

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    that’s what my mum insists on every morning. so I’ve grown up on a big big breakfast (: These panckaes look FREAKINGGGG amazing. quite delightfully sinful actually. fluffy and golden and urghh. I need some now.

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    Oh my, what a scrumptious stack of pancakes! What a beautiful breakfast to start the weekends with. These sound wonderful. Blessings my dear, your friend, Catherine xo

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    These sound delicious! I have yet to try black currants, but they look wonderful with these pancakes! The pancakes look perfect btw…I bet they were amazing!

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    Pancakes are one of my favorite things to make for breakfast. And I think you nailed it. These look SO good, I could eat them all day 🙂

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    I’m like you on the week breakfasts – chez moi it’s toast and butter. Plain fare but this weekend feast does look amazing. Cheers to blackcurrants. So glad you were polite to include them at the table with these fluffy pancakes! Fabulous.

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