Damson Gin with Lemon and Lime

It’s nice to have a cupboard full of foraged wares. Currently I am housing sloe port made with sloes that were steeping in gin for two years, a nine month damson gin and I am now using the gin soaked damsons to kick off a batch of damson port. I’ve been busy. As nice as it is to sip the damson gin like a thin fruity syrup it’s also nice to be able to jazz it up sometimes.

damson gin

After nine months of steeping the damson gin has come out a glorious, deep, rich red colour and it is asking to be made into a long drink. This is my perfect summer evening tipple. If I don’t have lemonade in the house it is just as good with a bit of tonic. It doesn’t look fancy, it’s not got any frills but when it tastes this good and fresh it doesn’t need any.

damson gin

You will need (per glass)
50ml Damson Gin
200ml Lemonade
Squeeze fresh lime juice

damson gin allthatimeating (3 of 3)

This is as simple as mixing up some fruit squash; this one is only for adults mind! Put the damson gin into a glass and pour in the lemonade. Squeeze in a little lime juice, give it a taste and add more lime if you prefer it sour. I think this would be lovely with a bit of fresh mint too.

damson gin lemon and lime
I was surprised how little the colour was diluted when mixed with lemonade; it’s such a fantastic purple hue. The recipe for the original damson gin can be found here and damsons are due in season in the not too distant future. For the colour alone (let alone the unique, punchy flavour) it’s well worth making a batch of gin to mix up any way you wish.


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    This Damson Gin with Lemon and Lime sounds refreshing and so pretty. I really love the color. This is a wonderful cocktail to have after a long day of work! 😉

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    People could get altogether the wrong imprssion about you by reading your blog, Caroline! You do post a lot nice things about alcoholic drinks…
    It’s almost time to start thinking about gathering sloes again. Where has the year gone?

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