Three ways with Asparagus 2 of 3: Griddled with crème fraîche and Chive Dip

The second part of my cookery demo is all about griddled asparagus. This is a great way of cooking asparagus as you can do it on a griddle inside or outside on the BBQ if the weather is on your side! Whichever way you choose you will get a wonderfully smoky, almost nutty flavour to the asparagus. It’s fantastic on its own or on the side with some poached fish, especially with the chive and crème fraîche dip!
I like this way of cooking asparagus as you can sort of leave it to its own devices as a little charring on the asparagus adds to the flavour. It also makes a brilliant noise as it cooks, popping all around the pan. This is particularly delicious if served with a poached or fried egg on top, even more exquisite if each spear is wrapped in Parma ham and dipped in a soft boiled egg.
Griddled asparagus

You will need (for two):

A bunch of asparagus
250ml crème fraîche
Small handful fresh chopped chives
Salt and Pepper
Get a griddle pan on a high heat. Chop the woody ends off the asparagus before putting in the pan. You can only really put it in one way; one to get the charring and two because otherwise it’ll fall in between the gaps and just be a mess. Turn the asparagus occasionally, you don’t want it completely burnt! It’ll need anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes depending on the thickness of the stalks. While the asparagus does its thing, make the crème fraîche sauce.
Asparagus with Creme Fraiche and Chive Dip - served

Finely chop the chives, I’ve tried it with basil too and it worked just as well. Empty the crème fraîche into a bowl and mix in some salt and pepper. You need the salt to convince the crème fraîche that in this instance it is savoury, not sweet. Mix the chives into the crème fraîche too. When the asparagus is done, pile it up and dunk it in the sauce. 

This is lovely because the nutty asparagus goes beautifully with the creamy, slightly acidic crème fraîche. The chives add a mild onion hum that’s not overpowering. So simple and tasty you could mix this with some boiled potatoes to make a more substantial meal.


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    I love asparagus and prepare it often during the week. I’ve never had it with creme fraiche, but I’m sure that would taste incredible. I’ll have to try that.

    Please tell me how you get the accent marks over the words. I never learned that on my computer.

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    I’m doing roast lamb this Sunday with broad beans and I have just bought some of the first of the new season asparagus . . . I had never thought of cooking it with creme fraiche. Excellent idea!

  3. says

    Love Asparagus!!Perfect spring vegetable!I like the girdled version, especially with the sauce to serve it with!Lovely 🙂


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