An Autumn Picnic 2 of 3: Garlic Butter Mushroom Burgers

By now those picnic attendees that are left will be crying out for some sustenance and these garlic mushroom burgers really hit the spot; they are warm, juicy and full of flavour. There are several reasons why I chose to use mushrooms rather than meat: you don’t need to take an extra pan, minimum effort is required for delicious results and I think they are actually nicer! Also they sit happily on the BBQ needing barely any attention so you can get on and enjoy the picnic without having to stand and watch over them.

You will need:

4 large mushrooms
Garlic butter (butter, garlic, parsley and black pepper)
4 bread rolls
Autumn Picnic - Garlic Mushroom Burgers

I prepared the butter before I left by crushing three garlic cloves into about 50g butter and mixing it together with a few sprigs of chopped parsley and some black pepper.
Take the mushrooms and wrap them (gill side up) in some foil so they are completely covered. Put the parcel onto the edge of the BBQ, so it is not directly over the heat, and leave them to soften in their own juices for about 20 minutes. When they are soft put a little of the garlic butter onto the mushroom gills and leave the parcel open so that some of the moisture evaporates. After about five minutes toast the buns on the BBQ and put a mushroom in each bun.

Autumn Picnic - Garlic Mushroom Burgers

It is essential to give each bun and good squeeze so that the garlic butter and mushroom juices soak into the bread. Mushrooms and garlic were made for each other and, although a fungus, are incredibly meaty. They pack a real flavour punch and are wonderfully warm and comforting which is just what an autumn picnic needs. If you’re thinking that the picnic food thus far is sounding pretty swell, just wait to see what there is for pudding.


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    I know mushrooms are “meaty” but would never have thought of this simple but so tasty idea. thanks! Hope you are having a good week.

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    Another advantage of the mushroom over the meat is that you don’t have food hygiene worries. I’d add a sprinkling of chopped parsley though – which would perhaps mellow the garlic a bit.

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    Yeh, meatless in between the days are great for healthy, what more burgers with mushrooms. I like how you prepared the burger with a whole mushroom sitting so perfectly in side.
    Yum and something new but sure tempting to give a try.

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