A spring Saturday picnic

I hope that I am safe to say spring has finally sprung. Knowing my luck next week will be full of hail storms and icy conditions but if that is the case then at least I enjoyed the sun while it lasted. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I am a big fan of dining al fresco and there’s not a season that I haven’t attempted to make the most of cooking or eating outdoors. Picnics, barbeques and even making gravy outside when there’s not enough room on the hob; any excuse. 
Cheese and beetroot sandwich
When the sun comes out, I tend to also go out. The thought process is normally deciding how to go out, where to go out and what to do. The pub garden is always a good option, a nice sandwich and maybe a beer but I always feel like I need to earn the calories so will always walk. Not the cheapest option and I’m not really spoiled for choice of nice sandwiches within walking distance where I am. 
Vintage road bikes
So out comes the bicycle and the picnic blanket. Much cheaper than a pub meal and I am spoiled for choice for great places to sit down and eat it. A new favourite sandwich filling of mine at the moment is cheese and beetroot; this time a nice red Leicester and sliced pickled beetroot. Along with a few crisps, some cloudy lemonade, chocolate raisins and grapes. 
Berkshire countryside panorama
Taking the food and blanket with you means you can take the world at your own pace, you don’t have to leave a table when you’re finished and you can lounge around in the sun as much as you like. So yes it might only be 13 degrees outside but that shouldn’t stop anyone from having a picnic. What are your picnic essentials?
P.S. I miss it every year but I just had my fourth blog birthday!


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    Congratulations on the Blog Birthday! I think my favourite picnic ingredient is the pork pie. It tastes nice, has a good mix of protein and carbs, and it travels well. A piece of quiche would also be good.

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    Have been eating outside lots this weekend too – toast in the hammock this morning! Simple food outdoors is often the best in my view, heading off on a bike with a picnic sounds perfect.

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    Congratulations on you blog anniversary Caroline…
    It sure sounds that you had a great time outdoor.
    Have a wonderful week ahead 😀

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    Happy 4th! And great post on picnics. I love the idea of packing a blanket on our bikes so we can eat wherever we fancy. Still a bit too chilly here for that sort of picnic, but soon, soon. 😉 Fun read — thanks.

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    We must have started our blogs within days of each other! Happy anniversary! A picnic sounds wonderful…hoping our weather will warm up ASAP. I love pickled beets, but have never added them to a sandwich. That sounds wonderful!!!

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