Cider making at Ciderniks

I prefer cider in either hot weather so I can have it nice and cold, or when it’s cold outside so I can have it nice and warm. How do you prefer yours? There seems to have been much more interest recently in cider with lots of new brands popping up so it was great to have a chance to see behind the scenes with a cider maker himself. Ciderniks is a small cider maker based in Kintbury and Nick opened up his cider making empire for the curious to have a look around.

Ciderniks apples for cider making

Nick’s garden was absolutely full of bags of apples; some from here, some from there but he knew where each bag had come from. It was remarkable how many apples he already had with the promise of more on the way. It was also very surprising how much juice each bag will give you; I thought it would have been a lot less.

Ciderniks cider press
The main bit of kit is impressively simple: apples go in, juice comes out. The whole process is really interesting to watch and doesn’t take long from start to finish. The apples are washed before being mulched up. The mulch is then layered up between cloths and wooden boards until there is a pile of around nine (I think!). The pile is then pressed and out comes the juice.
Ciderniks apple juice from the cider press
The apple juice that came out was absolutely delicious; a great mixture of cookers and eaters gave the juice a sweet and sharp tang. The thing about Ciderniks is the simplicity of it. Once the juice is ready it’s left to ferment of its own accord with no interference or additives of any kind. The cider itself seems much more honest; a hark back to a golden age of cider making.


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    I was actually drinking cider as I read this post! Hot, obviously, since it’s chilly out. But I agree that some cold cider on a hot day is pretty darn tasty too 🙂 I’d love to see apple juice getting made.

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    I’ll take cider any way I can get it! I usually have it cold, although it’s nice warm – preferably with a little dark rum added. Really enjoyable post – thanks.

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    I’m so jealous!!! My girlfriend and I have been talking about making our own cidar forever now. Well it seems like forever.. especially now that you have delicious cidar and I do not 🙁

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    I stopped at an apple orchard for the first time in years this fall. Grabbed some apples, but should have bought some cider. You’ve put me in the mood…and hot would be perfect on this chilly eve.

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi. I love food blogs and a friend told me about yours and also “Cooking With Mr. C.” on Facebook. I just “Liked” his page and came to check you out. It looks great. I love when people share food blogs with each other. Anne

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