The Newbury Tasting Menu

I have to admit that I am a big fan of a 'Tasting Menu'. An opportunity for the chef and restaurant to show off different styles, techniques and flavours; improved further if there's matching wines to accompany it all. Also, let's be honest, I'm a fan of anything that means I get to gorge myself on everything indulgent. I was invited to try out The Newbury Tasting Menu and was really looking forward to it; what to expect in terms of theme or style Read more

Crab and Boar Newbury

The Crab and Boar near Newbury is in a lovely location; surrounded by rolling Berkshire countryside. Inside the pub it’s slick and modern but comfortable too. There are plenty of big squishy chairs and sofas to relax in around the bar and the layout in the restaurant means you get the background hubbub of noise without feeling like people can overhear you. A few weeks ago I was invited to try out their evening menu and I was looking forward to Read more

The Elephant at The Market Newbury

I’m not sure how many of you lovely readers of my blog are in or around Newbury but I think I speak for everyone when I say that (finally) it seems as if Newbury’s culinary scene is improving. We had a few nice restaurants in the town centre, (The Square and Petit Square spring to mind but both now closed), the family run Italian (Valle D’Oro) and many country pubs but we went through pretty slim pickings in Newbury town centre for some time. It Read more

The Vineyard at Stockcross

I was invited to The Vineyard as part of a bloggers wine and food tasting evening. Having been before, indeed spending a wonderful four and a half hour lunch there on my birthday, I would have been a fool not to go. I have only ever been for lunch, not dinner, so I was looking forward to seeing what it was like. Turns out I was in for a treat. I’m not really a wine person, or I should say, I didn’t used to be a wine person. The Vineyard has Read more

The Bell at Boxford

We arrived at The Bell on a blissful September evening and thought we would sit outside and watch the world go by as we waited for the kitchens to open. I was sipping on a sweet, fruity cider called Apples and Pears. Also present and enjoyed by my other half was a pint of beer. There was the sound of a tractor in a nearby field, a few twittering birds and the occasional car. The thoroughly English countryside soundscape was only interrupted by an Read more

La Tasca at Newbury

Tapas is one of my favourite things. You can try any number of dishes that take your fancy without being too greedy and getting odd looks for ordering three main courses. La Tasca asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their new opening in Newbury. I wasn't sure whether to do it at first as I tend to stay clear of chain restaurants but I thought I should give it a try to see what it's like. I also thought it would be interesting as it's a Read more

The Valle D’Oro at Newbury

Everyone has 'that' restaurant. For some 'that' restaurant can be a guilty pleasure, shrouded in memories or just because you love it and can't quite put your finger on it. For me, The Valle D'Oro at Newbury is the restaurant I always call upon when I need something. Sometimes it's to fill a hole with so much cheese I can barely walk, other times it's just because I love it. Why do I love it? I cannot be specific as all the aspects of being there Read more

The Carnarvon Arms at Burghclere

The Carnarvon Arms seems to have a bit of a reputation for being one of the best places to eat in the Newbury area. Are these rumours unfounded or based on exquisite experiences had by everyone who has been there? Before my most recent visit, I had been before and it was good. I wanted to try it again with a now more sophisticated, some might say picky, palate. We arrived with no booking on a week night, the staff behind the bar were lovely and Read more

The Red House at Marsh Benham

The Red House at Marsh Benham jumps out at you as you drive down the road and I had been meaning to go for some time. There was no point in going for a half arsed meal; I wanted to go for a proper one. I'm not sure I've been to a place that is both modern and outdated at the same time. The garden is modern, the bar and bar area are modern but as soon as you step over the threshold into the restaurant it is like stepping over the threshold to the 1990s. Read more

Eggs Benedict – The Swan at Newbury 3 of 3

This current trilogy will be rounded off by the consumption of another Eggs Benedict at a restaurant I have been to many times. Summer is almost upon us. Yes to the sunshine, yes to the balmy summer evenings and yes to Pimms. No to the fact that my bingo wings are only just falling short of smacking me in the face if I have to wave at anyone. I suppose in some ways I am glad I shan't be having more Eggs Benedict in order to attempt to combat Read more