Tea and Me: A long term love affair and a review of Teavivre

I have always had my tea in the same way; a splash of milk and never any sugar. Once, my Godmother tried to convert me to sweeten my tea. I determinedly told her I didn’t want sugar in my tea and when she put some in anyway I poured it into the nearest pot plant I could find and stuck to squash when visiting from then on. Things haven’t changed much and I can’t go a day without a cup of tea of some description. My collection of tea is comparable to a spice cupboard; indeed I have a tea chest from Bahrain which holds my rare and unusual varieties alongside my more mainstream leaves.
Different teas and crockery
I find tea as fascinating as some people find wine. I think the way that the flavour of tea can be affected by so many things really interesting; hot or cold, dry or damp, early or late picking can affect the appearance, smell and flavour in the finished tea. Then you’ve got all the flavours that can be added to the tea; Earl Grey and Jasmine being two of my personal favourites. I’m not sure I could ever get bored of tea so when Teavivre asked if I would be interested in trying some of their Chinese tea I had to say yes!
Golden Tipped Tea

First of all I tried the Yun Nan Dian Hong which is a golden tipped black tea. The colours of the leaves are wonderful; they look like autumn. I was really surprised at how dark the colour of the tea was considering the lightness of the leaves. It was really full bodied but refreshing at the same time and not at all bitter.

Green Tea

The next tea I tried was the Bi Luo Chun which is a green tea. It smelled so fresh, almost lemony and the leaves looked extremely dainty. It tasted like I would expect for a green tea but slightly more rounded and complex than some of the others I have tried.

Black Tea

The last tea I tried was the Bailin Gongfu which is an organic black tea. It was curiously light coloured compared to the intense dark colour of the leaves. This tea had a lovely deep flavour but it wasn’t overpowering. It would make a great breakfast tea.
I like all tea and I really enjoyed the teas I tried from Teavivre. The instructions that came on the pack provided useful information about the brewing time and where the tea had come from. These teas will go into my tea chest to add to my growing collection. I think I need to work on making some interesting biscuits to match all my different teas.


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    Your tea cupboard reminds me of my own. I recently came back from Southeast Asia and brought back more tea than I could ever drink within the next three years. However, I do tend to sweeten my black tea with local honey. I love that tea is yet another drink/food made via fermentation which always add a bit of complexity.

    I love your tea cups and saucers.

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    I am the biggest tea addict. Tyler and I have our own tea maker kettle. We drink at least 1.2L each a day. Not including just cups of tea! I love your tea run down and can totally relate!

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    I can’t abide sugar in tea either – it is just not the same drink at all.
    My favourite is Jasmine too. Whenever I’m in HK I always enjoy the jasmine tea that is served alongside the dim sum. Nice set of vintage teaware shown in the photo.

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    I’m the biggest tea fan ever! (love the first picture). Whilst I was in bath I came across this small basement tea room which had hundreds of teas to try in the proper manner they were meant to be served. We spent hours down there trying loads of different types. Can relate! Nice to read so many other tea lovers out there!

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    I love trying different kinds of tea. And, I have to say, I agree about no sugar in tea. I always prefer it unsweetened. Your new teas look lovely, and it’s interesting to see the black tea was so light in color.

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