Is food the new must have accessory?

It seems that now the latest car, bag, phone or gadget is trumped by what we eat. At the golf club while quaffing the finest scotch the topic of conversation is no longer car related. Now, one might be more likely to hear, “Have you tried a rare white truffle.” To which the reply would most likely start off a whole conflab.

Now it becomes interesting. It is now a competition to see who has the best/biggest/most expensive or most exclusive truffle. It seems the truffle is becoming an innuendo. Don’t get me wrong, this is not exclusive to fungi. The winner will be the one who travelled to the Piedmont region, bought a Truffle Hog and hiked around forests to discover his own truffle. Any other truffle related story is overlooked.

If your chicken is free-range this will be surpassed by a corn fed free range bird. This in turn will be bettered by an organic, corn fed, free range chicken. Only if you have organically and free rangedly farmed your own chickens will you be able to say check mate. These kind of conversations can be applied infinitely and everyone will leave the conversation with an opinion. However, even if you have the best chicken in the world if you don’t treat it right or cook it well, what’s the point?

The more natural and local the food the better. I am fully supportive of this and I love the way the farmers’ market is the new designer boutique. Everyone seems to be getting back to their roots. Food should be enjoyed and celebrated but perhaps not the source of competitions. There is so much more interest in what we put in our mouths now and I’m sure others agree a happy mouth means a happy heart.
Let us hope that the comeback of food is forever.

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    Yes, this is so true! While I agree with and practice sustainable and ethical living, I do think sometimes It’s gone a bit far in terms of expectations (some people might not be able to afford organic food, free range chickens or eggs for example).

    That said, it’s great that people are starting to cook more, and be aware of where their food is coming from and not taking it for granted.

    Where I live the farmers markets are very cheap which is great for everyone I think.

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    I am a big fan of the farmers market and always have been. I am glad to see them making a real come back where I live. They are even becoming trendy.

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    I’m not sure “accessory” is the correct term but I understand what you are saying. I think it has been this way for millennia actually. There has always been a divide between what the wealthy could afford to eat and what the peasants can afford to eat. There have even been laws at various times and in various cultures to enforce that.

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    Yes, I agree with ChocolatePriestess, not quite ‘accessory’, but food seems to be becoming a more common topic of conversation these days. Interestingly, as I’ve taken part in this shift myself I’ve stopped shopping at ‘normal’ grocery stores. I like to buy local produce and for all other needs I tend to go to places like Trader Joe’s. I feel that the time I spend on talking about, cooking, or research new food ideas is much more satisfying than the other material things I once focused on =)

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    Our budget decides where I shop. While I would love a free-range chicken, when I can buy 2-3 for the same price even if it’s covered in plastic and sitting on a white styrofoam tray, I’ve got to do it.

    The unfortunate thing is that as this trend continues, it will drive up the prices at places like small regional farmers markets that used to be where you could buy good produce for less than grocery stores because of the cost of shipping, etc. Ah well.

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    The one-upmanship you describe is unfortunate…but a by-product of our competition obsessed culture. I love finding new food, foraging on the beach and the forest, etc., and it`s my hope that we can continue to work to make real food affordable for all. Great post! theresa

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    Emma – Yes I love the way people are talking more and I love my farmers’ market. As you say it is so much cheaper.

    Annie – My farmers’ market was a little less busy than it is now, it just keeps growing!

    Chocolate Priestess – I couldn’t think of anything other than accessory! Wasn’t sure how else to describe it. What an interesting fact about those laws.

    Theveggie – I’m the same and also I can’t think what I used to be so obsessed with before I realised it was food!

    The Mom chef – So far I havn’t seen any price increases at my farmers’ market and hopefully it will stay the same. I completely agree that you have to put your family first.

    Honey82 – Thank you!

    Island Vittles – It’s so funny if you ever actually hear these conversations. I’m sat there giggling away trying not to look like I’m listening. I hope things continue they way they are and everyone can enjoy real food.

    Thank you for all your comments!

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    So agree, agree, agree! But I do have to say that I am happy that there is a real food culture brewing around quality over quantity.

    Loved your post.

    BTW…there is one more trump on the natural chicken “check mate”. The farmer who organically grew his own corn to feed his truly free-range chickens and who ethically butchered them on his own wins! I’ve had chicken that natural and let me tell you they are Tastey!


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