Riverford Recipe Box Review

There was another recipe box in the house a few weeks ago, this time from organic vegetable box company Riverford. I do get their veg boxes regularly so I was really looking forward to trying out the recipe boxes and giving some of their other ingredients a try. Because I get deliveries of veg from Riverford already the recipe box was delivered about 6.30am and was waiting on my doorstep in the morning; meaning I could get it all sorted and in the fridge before I went to work. Always good to start the day knowing what you’re having for dinner.

Riverford Recipe Box - All That I'm Eating (1 of 5)I’ve had a few of these recipe boxes and this one was slightly different to the others. All the chilled ingredients were together so easy to take out and chuck straight in the fridge (I was very pleased with the length of the shelf life on all the ingredients). Then the veg and herbs were in the other side, again, easy to put away as suits you. The best bit though was the middle of the box which contained all the dry ingredients. Not only did it separate the two sides of the box it was actually removable, and organised by recipe number, so you can keep it in the kitchen but it doesn’t take up too much room. I am a big fan of this over having things in separate bags.

Riverford Recipe Box - All That I'm Eating (2 of 5)The recipes we were trying were: Carbonara with Alfalfa Salad, Chicken and Spring Green Curry with Rice and Cauliflower Harira. All the recipes had really good quantities of vegetables and the portions were good without being too big or too small.

The carbonara was the first recipe I tried; I was really looking forward to trying the organic bacon. Interestingly this recipe used spelt spaghetti which I have never tried before and I really liked it. There was plenty of pasta and bacon (which wasn’t overly salty and no horrible liquid came out when it was fried) and the salad on the side was lovely and fresh to cut through the rich pasta which had a really generous helping of Parmesan.

Riverford Recipe Box - All That I'm Eating (3 of 5)The next recipe was the Chicken Curry with Spring Greens. I really liked that the curry used spring greens shredded and added to the curry, I’ve never tried them like that before. This was a really filling meal and the amount of chicken was really generous without being too much.

Riverford Recipe Box - All That I'm Eating (4 of 5)Finally we tried the Cauliflower Harira which again I’ve never had before. The whole cauliflower was chopped and then roasted while you made a vegetable and chick pea soup. The soup was then topped with the cauliflower, plenty of fresh herbs and a hardboiled egg. I really liked this, it was filling but also really balanced and healthy too. This was probably my favourite recipe; couldn’t believe it used a whole cauliflower up!

Riverford Recipe Box - All That I'm Eating (5 of 5)The only thing I would have liked to see would have been the nutrition information on each of the recipes. I liked that I tried spring greens in a curry and roasting a cauliflower; two things that were completely new to me. The Riverford recipe box costs £39.95 (for the Quick Recipe Box that I tried) for three meals for two people. There are also Classic and Veggie boxes available too which I think gives a good range of meals.

To see how this recipe box compares to the others, take a look at my Recipe Box Comparison post here.

Thank you to Riverford for the recipe box, all opinions expressed are my own.



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