Vegetable Patch Update

Vegetable seeds started to go in to the soil and under the cloches back in March and now, in May, all sorts of things are happening. Since the first year I started gardening I grow what I know and always something new. This year I’m growing: beans (broad and purple), peas, courgettes (patty-pan, cousa courgette and bent Summer squash), tomatoes and maybe something else I’m yet to decide on. Peas are the newcomers in the patch this year.
broad beans growing

Beans have always worked for me, especially broad beans. Purple beans were a bit hit and miss last year but I’m trying again this year. I plant the beans under cloches a row every two or three weeks from March until now. 

broad beans tied up

This year is the first year I am growing peas; they seem to be doing well so far. Although tying string around every pea or bean stem is monotonous, I actually quite enjoy it. The peas and beans are successfully avoiding slug and cat attack so far. 

Rhubarb in the garden

I thought my rhubarb was gone forever; nothing seemed to be happening in the corner where I’d planted it. Finally and with much enthusiasm it has come up and looks fantastic. I think I’ll wait a little longer before I pick any.

Quince blossom
When I tried quince for the first time I decided that I had to have a quince tree. Last year it managed to squeeze out one solitary flower and that was it. This year however the tree is covered with the palest pink flowers. Fingers crossed it will be festooned with fruit.
Greengage blossom

I planted my golden gage tree at the same time as my quince because I have never had a golden gage. I’m still yet to have one but I’m hopeful this year. It blossomed much earlier than the quince so the above photo was taken about six weeks ago. Now the leaves are unfurling so I’ll have to wait to see if my luck is in.

Herb patch

My herbs are doing well despite the sage taking over everything. I might need to get a little heavy handed with it. Not sure if all the herbs are visible but I’ve got: golden marjoram, Greek oregano, rosemary, chives, curry plant and sage. 

chives in the garden

The chives started the year looking a bit unwell but they seem to be prospering with all the rain we’ve had recently. I love putting chive flowers into salads. There’s a lot going on in the garden at the moment and laods more to come. I’m looking forward to cooking with all of it.


  1. says

    You are certainly doing well! I have some rhubarb too but I am waiting as well for it to grow a little longer. Hopefully we will get some sunshine which will certainly help.
    We are having a nice break from the rain this weekend. It feels so good having the sun on your face X

  2. says

    I hope things work out well for you. I started a garden patch last year and am always in experimenting mode. I try rhubarb and beans this year for the first time. Let’s see.

  3. says

    I am very happy to see your small shoots of rhubarb coming out – hope the weather stays well and your garden keeps growing beautifully 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. says

    Great hobby because its wonderful to pluck our own veges and herbs from our garden to be used for cooking.

    Some of these herbs can’t grow over here because of the hot weather though I tried before. Seem like my rosemary and lemon balm is getting on great and of course our local herbs like screwpine leaves and lemon grass grows by themselves in abundance.

  5. says

    Your quince tree looks marvelous! And it’s the oregano that’s taking over my garden 🙂 The sage is behaving so far~

  6. says

    Oh, you have a lovely green patch and I felt so “happy” when i browsed these pictures, as if this is my own garden. You know, we had a big garden in India and now I am settled in Hong Kong, where private gardens are not very common. Your plants are beautiful!

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