Petersfield Food Festival 2011

Petersfield is not too far from me and I was informed that there was a food festival taking place with 140 stall holders. Sounded like a pretty good place to be to me! There were so many stalls and so many people it was crazy. Good crazy though. Fortunately there were very many cafés and restaurants around to sit down when you needed a break from shovelling small amounts of chutney in your face. 
Petersfield Food Festival

There were lots of stands doing all sorts of varieties of burger and sausage, coffee, smoothies, pizzas, pasties and all sorts. After much deliberating I settled on having a venison burger and it was delicious. While wandering round I met a man with a very interesting map. It was a map of all the restaurants in the area and the ingredients they used from local suppliers. It was pretty full up and lovely to see how the restaurants supported local producers and businesses. 

Petersfield Food Festival cakes 2

There were so many stands selling so many different things. The following are a selection of some of my favourites. The first stall I saw, and started salivating at, was Rebecca’s Cupcakes. They all looked lovely but instead of a cupcake, I had rocky road. Unfortunately there is no picture – we ate it far too quickly! The thing that caught my eye about this stand was that the decoration related to the flavour. The cappuccino cake looked like the drink, strawberries and cream were decorated accordingly and my favourite was the cake that looked like a Mr. Whippy ice cream (flake and all).  

Petersfield Food Festival cakes

The next stand that really caught my eye was Imbhams Farm Granary. They do all sorts of flours, grains, cereals etc. I noticed one of their muesli’s had won a Great Taste Award. Muesli? Win a taste award? No. 
I bought some and have been very much enjoying putting apple juice on instead of milk. The oats used aren’t heat treated and they taste very different to other oats I’ve had. They’re more fluffy and softer than the usual oats. The muesli I bought has dried cranberries, blueberries and gojiberries as well as oats, nuts and seeds. Best muesli I’ve ever had. Who knew I could be so passionate about muesli?

Petersfield Food Festival chilli jam

The Chilli Garden stand looked so lovely and colourful. They are all about chillies. Chilli jams, chilli sauces, chilli plants and (thankfully) chilli advice. I wish I could have bought some of their chilli plants but my windowsill is so full of chilli plants already it would have been foolish. By happy chance they were extremely helpful with their chilli growing advice. 
I have a luscious orange/red Caribbean chilli jam and a vibrant orange Ol’ Clooties sauce to try. They both look very inviting but I’m a bit of a wimp when Scoville heat units start increasing so I am waiting for the perfect BBQ to use the sauce as a marinade. I’m also keeping my eyes peeled for a devilishly creamy cheese to enjoy with the jam. 
It was a great day where I ate an awful lot of good things and met some very kind and passionate people. Make sure you support your local food events – you might be surprised what you find.

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