The Handmade Burger Co. at Leicester

There are lots and lots (too many if anything) of burgers and burger chains. How does one choose? The Handmade Burger Co. has just five branches in the UK: Birmingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Solihull and Aberdeen. The reason I’m telling you where they are is because if you happen to be in any of these places, you must go.

There were flavour combinations that I would never have considered in a burger and I am so glad I tried the, ‘Milano’, which I suppose you could call the Italian burger. Mozzarella, pesto and a truly delicious burger. Probably not the most adventerous of the burgers on offer but sumptuously satisfying. Fortunately the bread is as nice as the burger and the sides are not a disappointment.

The burgers are handmade as are the chips. They use sour dough bread. They try and source all the ingredients from Britain which I think is no bad thing. I love love love brown chips and in most places the chips are just beyond anaemic before they are served. Here though I was in my element. Delectable.

Not sure if anyone else has this issue but when I get a burger in some of these chains they are just too big. You can’t pick it up no way no how. This one was the perfect size and thickness without it and its contents dribbling all over my chin. They have options for everyone and the atmosphere and setting are very nice.

The one and only problem is that they charge what I consider an extortionate amount for dips – ketchup and mayonnaise are free but if you fancy chilli sauce, garlic mayo or any of the others, you are looking at £1.25 per dip. I didn’t bother. I would only pay that much if it was made from white truffles.

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